Unclench that jaw that’s tightening up right now. 


Now exhale.

When you breathe out,

let all of the negative energy and dark thoughts seethe out of your pores

and allow your body to relax

So many times we tighten up and allow our worlds to cluster

as if we were too large for the boxes we’re confided in. 

That’s that stress

That’s that anxiety

That depression

The pressure 

That endlessly consumes our membranes with things we fear we’ll never conquer

because they seem to grow larger and try to drown us in a violent hurricane with

piercing rainwater and flurrying winds.




It will be ok. 

You will survive these storms

This will not be your final catastrophe.

All that that consumes you will subside one day

and you will be infused with joy and good fortune. 

All those long nights

Hating yourself

The days where those two tears won’t come down,

but your headaches and your body is forcing you to cry

All those times you sit in despair and hate-yourself wondering 

Why me?

Will turn into thank you god

Because your time is coming

So breathe

Unclench that jaw,

change that frown to a smile

And fix your crown. 

Because your coronation is on that horizon with the rising sun.

And like a phoenix from the ashes,

you will rise too from all the tragedy, pain, and frustration that burns you alive

And you will fly off into the sunset to live your best life

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