Over the weekend I watched the Revolt Summit in Atlanta. I must say it was a powerfully educational video that enlightened me on a few talking points.

Before I get in-depth on what I learned, here are some takeaways from the summit.

One, Killer Mike stole the show and held it down well.

TI, although had the passion of the crowd did do a bit of trolling and his message didn’t get through completely.

Candace Owens, although she had some great points to discuss didn’t articulate them well and also I don’t support her points of view, however, she did bring light to some concerning topics in the black community. However, these are issues we’re fully aware of.

To anyone reading this and looking for more information on how to help the black community, I highly recommend this video for a marker. Well, I highly recommend this video in general. Attached at the bottom of this post is the entire video, please watch at your discretion.

Now to address my takeaways.

Starting with Candace Owens, Her message was delivered terribly. She was speaking of black education rates and other terrible numbers in the black community that we already know. It was as if she were talking to her white followers and supporters, a point that a good friend of mine pointed out to me. She didn’t address any issues or answer questions fully or at all even. The biggest was the question TI posed to her ” when was America Great?”. Her eagerness to address the question made me believe she was going to say something amazing. However, she just beat around the bush and eventually got into an argument with TI and got frustrated.  ” You started with some bullshit” was the line heard around the world that TI said to her in the conversation. And to a certain extent, she did. All she did was beat around the bush to answer the question and Killer Mike had to translate her words because the crowd wasn’t feeling her and TI was trolling her. Plus, she led on with a terrible response, check it out in the video.

Secondly, TI had the hearts of the people a lot during the discussion. In which I don’t know if that’s a great thing. he didn’t say the right things,  but he said what was in his heart which was necessary for this discussion. Most times in a political debate there’s conversations that never go anywhere. So I appreciated TI and The other Gentleman Steven Pargett and his enthusiasm throughout the discussion.

Before I address Killer Mike I will speak on the other two women. Though I don’t remember most of what they said I do recall the jest of what they were saying. Katrina Pierson, in my opinion, had the same ideologies as Candace Owens in which I cannot back. I can’t necessarily articulate the full of their discussion, it’s in the video, but I do recall them being more conservative and rooted in racism. Her voice was much lighter and forgettable. This is potentially why I don’t remember her saying anything. I did see a conversation online about there being some colorism into why TI argued with Candace and not Katrina, and I see that point. However, I believe it had more to do with the ferocity Candace had with her voice, or assertion for a better term. In comparison to Katrina’s voice who was soft and often overlooked.

Tamika Mallory also brought up some powerful points for discussion involving uplifting her community.

Unfortunately, most of the discussion is forgettable and dominated by Killer Mike, TI, and Candace Owens. This was a great discussion, but an example of how political debates don’t reach anything productive. Candace Owen’s defense of Trump is parallel to white people saying ” I’m not racist I have black friends”. She mentioned that freeing ASAP and the Liangelo Ball are beneficial to the black community as if that was going to erase years of oppression and generational curses for Black people. These are terrible examples of trying to defend an argument about helping black people for that does nothing to help the overall black community in any way shape or form.

Now, on to Killer Mike. Killer Mike essentially dominated the panel. He held down the discussion by regulating most times and brought up some key points. First things first, He brought up the concept of “kill your masters.” In other terms, free yourselves from the masters of political parties and economic restraints that exist within our communities. “Kill the masters” is a concept that sticks, free yourselves of the economic and political control that have regulated us for generations and oppressed us.

Create our own parties and talk to our local politicians to work for our agendas. Rather than allowing these two parties to manipulate us into believing that they know what’s best for us. This is an issue I’ve been aware of for some time. Neither political party has our best interest in mind Republican or democrat) and it’s time we stop giving our full loyalties to either. Rather elect or vote for the candidate that best suits our interests and lobby for their support and continuation of their promises to support your interests after the election.

Killer Mike also mentioned the fact that Atlanta was equivalent to Wakanda in that it is a black powered city. He mentioned that Atlanta is a model for many other cities hoping to be sufficient and effective for the black populace and that the black people of Atlanta cannot fail. I’ve heard that in recent years Atlanta has been a mecca of sorts for black prosperity, I don’t know the full details of their economic growth for the black community there. However, from the outside looking in it seems like a destination for black progress. If other cities such as Charlotte and beyond can use Atlanta as a blueprint and grow who knows, we may have several Wakandas and interconnect into massive growth for us as Black people.

However, it starts with us, investing in our own businesses and working on our communities to create prosperous environments and educating each other about black economic growth. This is no small task. There is a lot of trauma that has to be relinquished within the black communities across America. There are many factors that come into play in order to make this happen, but if Atlanta can do it, the rest of America can do it too.

Lastly, the discussion came up about reparations and one of the panelists mentioned that black people haven’t gotten reparations because we don’t have our own identity or ethnicity. African American isn’t one nor is Black. So apparently we have to create one in order to get reparations. I’m not informed of this concept, so I won’t discuss more of it in this piece. However, stay tuned for an article designated for that discussion.

To those that haven’t seen the Revolt conversation, below is a link to the video. Please take your time to check it out and feel free to share your ideas on the discussion in the comments section.

Once again thank you for reading



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