When I finally see you coming down the isle in that white dress

My pride will step aside as the tears fly from my eyes in a flurry of joy, and confusion

Like how could this human choose me to love them for eternity?

How could I be the one to give her love unconditionally

How did I be the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Me, this incomplete fool who often drools and loses his mind over the thought of you

Me this clown who often plays around and never can stay on the ground until I’m around you

I’m puzzled to be staring down this isle in front of you

All these people seeing our union

And not only does your beauty force me to cry

But the fear In your eyes

The full idea that you’d be married to this guy

Like is he really my type?

Is he really the right guy

And me with my eyes watered up, smile with confidence

My hysteria gives you certainty that you chose right

Not because im.surprised


I’m crying because I’m blessed to call you my wife

Now every night I can look at you with happiness because I’m laying next to my equal

And now you can smile as I begin to deliver my vows because you know that I am the one

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