Today… In Black History.

Black history is a history deeply rooted in American history. A history often forgotten and constantly overlooked, Black history has played an integral part in the rise of America. Here on this site, we give recognition to black history and those that have contributed to it. Here is… Today… In Black History

October 15th


on this day in 1991, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed as an associate justice with a 52-48 vote. He became the 106th Associate justice at the time. This was after a long nomination process to replace the famed Thurgood Marshall. This involved a case of sexual assault claimed by Anita Hill who claimed Thomas assaulted her. Thomas was found not guilty on all accounts, then proceeded to be confirmed as an associate justice.



On this day in 1968, Wyomia Thomas became the first person male or female to retain her gold medal in the 100-meter race. Wyomia is a retired Olympian who has set a number of records and won several gold medals.



O’Ree Willie, known as the first African-Canadian Professional hockey player, was born on this day in 1935. Willie is a Canadian born athlete, who is best known for playing for the Boston Bruins.





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