Today…In Black History

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October 16th

Black history, A history that is the soil that has given the fertility for American history to grow and flourish. Black history is so deeply rooted in American history it is often forgotten. here, on this site, we highlight Black history and look back in time to see the wonders it brought to the world.


Here is Today… In Black History…


October 16th

George Washington Williams


George Washington Williams, A multifaceted man who fought in the civil war was born on this day in 1849. Williams was known to be a clergyman, historian, lawyer, and politician who famously visited the Congo during ing Leopold’s reign. Williams was said to have sen the horrors King Leopold conducted to the native Africans and sought out to reveal to the world the atrocities King Leopold was allowing in the Congo.

Million man march


On this day in 1995, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan called upon one million black men to Washington Dc for ” a day of atonement and reconciliation” dedicating the march to revamping the black purpose and driving new initiatives to black communities and families. Though it was a call for African American men, there were a majority of black men, but not only black men at the march.

Booker T eats with Teddy Roosevelt


On this day in 1901, Booker T. Washington has a controversial dinner with then-President Teddy Roosevelt during the Jim Crow south era of US history.







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