Depression kicked my a** today

Depression kicked my ass today

Somewhere between the pressure of being successful and believing I took the wrong turns put me in a bend I cannot swerve out of but somehow I’m still breathing

Depression kicked my ass today

Lost in the sauce of figuring out this misconstrued concept of life and trying to be right but failing so miserably all the while losing sight of my own goals

And I’m the midst of it…

Depression, it kicked my ass today lol

I’m spiraling down a dark path losing this mask I’ve carried in the past while devouring this dopamine like it’s water and I’m thirsting for three days and three nights I’m in a horrible mess of bad decisions and believing that what I did wasn’t right trying to find the solutions to how to live life and then I realized

Depression. Kicked my ass today

Breathing was so hard. Because the unnecessary pressure of living just becomes too hard to move. Yet I’m up.

And I’m struggling because depression, kicked my ass today.

Expectations and desperation have become the weights that control my ankles and keep me from thriving and I’m somehow surviving by a thread I swear I’m dead as I can possibly be.

Depression kicked my ass today,

And I’m afraid it will do it again tomorrow

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