A dream I Said…

The first time they met on the biggest stage…KD was too young. And it was Lebron’s time.

The second and third times they met, KD had a super team with him, And it was his time. Now we face a beautiful dream, A fallacy that can be a reality if all the stars align right. If all the chips fall in the right way and these two Goliaths can find ways to meet up at the pinnacle one more time. For an epic finality in a showdown of dominance and the ability to wear the crown of the best of this generation.

Yes, I’m claiming it right now, Lebron vs KD to begin the roaring 2020’s. A clash of Titans in the NBA Finals in 2021.

This is a dream I said.  A pipe dream in every regard.


Think about it.

Lebron is in the purple and gold, Tensile town. The most storied Franchise in the NBA outside the Boston Celtics. The model for success, Showtime. There’s no better franchise, but there is one bigger market.

KD is in New York, Brooklyn of all places. No not New york. Brooklyn. Two of the greatest small forwards to ever dribble a ball are in their primes and poised to give us the most epic of battles we’ve ever seen. One. More. Time.

representing the east and west coasts. This here is a battle we’ll only see in our dreams. Yes, we’ve seen these two battle before in the finals. KD is 2-1 over Lebron, even though in some circles those 2 wins are asterisked. But this battle, the one I’m envisioning is on another level.

Why? because it’s the ultimate bragging rights. The ultimate claim of dominance between the two. And they could win it for these franchises.

Kd could finally prove he’s better than Lebron, or Lebron could prove he’s the greatest of all time by winning a championship with three different teams.

Imagine the media coverage between LA and NY. The storylines, the battles. This is the pinnacle. This is the showdown of our dreams. And it is far from a reality.

First off, KD would have to be healthy. Coming off an Achillies injury thats a pipe dream. That’s the worst injury in sports, so recovery from that type of injury and being the dominant 30ppg scorer we’re used to is hard. Let’s just Be hopeful he can play after a devastating injury like that.

Then there’s father time creeping up on LeBron. He’s going into his 17th season in 2019-2020. He’ll be in his 18th in 2021. As much as we hate to see it, he’s on the decline.

So, like I said, This is a dream. however, it is a beautiful dream that can become real.

We missed out on Kobe VS LeBron. We cannot miss out on this showdown.



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