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Black history is a history that has been clouded in the midst of the accomplishments of European exploit. Little is known about black history because it is covered by the think paint of white supremacy. We have long forgotten how much of the foundation of history black history is. Here, today, we recollect the brilliance of Black history. This is Today… In BLack History…

October 31st


On This Day in 1899, W.F. Burr patented the Railway switch, the switch that permits a railway to transition from one path to another.


On this Day in 1969, Buck Riley was shot by a white businessman. The shooting was the straw that broke the camel’s back in the post segregation racial tensions and the visual of black people and children being shot ensued a crowd that eventually engulfed the city of Jacksonville in chaos. The location was known to be Florida Avenue, a prosperous street during the time. Since then the strip hasn’t been brought back to its former glory


On this day in 1820, The ” Emancipator”, the first newspaper devoted to abolition published its final article. First published on April 30th, 1820 by Elihu Embree, The Emancipator lasted 6 months, and only stopped because of Embree falling to Illness.  RePublication restarted in 1932 by B. H. Murphy.


On this day in 1945, Booker T. Washington, An American educator was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Great Americans. A hall of fame that houses many former presidents and important figures in America.

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