Today… In Black history

A history often wisped away in the sands of time…Black history has long been overshadowed by American history and archived for eyes to not look at. Here, in this post, we look into black history and mine out the records to learn more of the African people


This is, Today…in Black history

November 12th,


On this day in 1974, The United Nations General Assembly suspended South Africa due to its racial policies. The vote was a 91 to 22 vote, and the reasoning behind the suspension vote was the disdain by other countries to apartheid and racially disgusting action by the South African government.


On this day in 1775, General George Washington forbade Blacks from enlisting in the revolutionary army during the revolutionary war.


on this day in 1922, the historically black sorority Sigma Gamma Rho was founded by seven black women in search of more effective teaching standards at the Butler University of Indianapolis. These women were Mary Lou Alliston Little,  Dorothy Hanley Whiteside, Vivian White Marbury, Nannie Mae Gahn Johnson, Hattie Mae Dublin Bedford, Bessie M. Downey, and Cubene McClure.



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