Your dreams

Sometimes our dreams get shattered by our own lack of self-confidence

Sometimes our patience is outweighed

By our determination to attain that validation

 That we accomplished something

Sometimes life takes us down detours,

That stops us from swimming down the channels of our dreams

Sometimes our boat hits a rock,

And we get stuck in the middle of the river that leads us to our goals

Sometimes the river seems so long

 That we just sit there and float hoping someone

Will throw a rope and save us

Not thinking that

It may not come today or tomorrow,

But persevere

What you’re wishing for will come to fruition in time

And that fruit you bore with that hard sweat and patience

 Will give you the seeds to grow the garden of your dreams

Continue to water the tree that will deliver your life goals,

Allow it to ascend to the heavens and create the space to learn and grow.

Nothing’s impossible when you believe in it.

 So never believe you can’t achieve anything



A little patience

And visualize your dream every day

The fruits of your labor will eventually create the space you dreamt of

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