How can I express what I’m thankful for?

This breath I breathe makes me feel relief as I believe that I deserve everything I achieve

I sit back and Concede to the truth that the people around me shower me with glee

From cheek to cheek I feel free because I’m capable of receiving a beautiful blessing of life and liberty

I am grateful for my family

My gratitude extends far beyond my blessings of life

I get to live right because I am grateful that this skin that radiates within as it absorbs the sun giving me this absolute glow

I am grateful for my predecessors,

For they fought for my freedoms to come

I am grateful for my mother, without her, I wouldn’t know where I’d be

I show gratitude to my friends,

They give me the faith to achieve unlimited possibilities

What wouldn’t I be grateful for? I live a beautiful life

And yes I battle with strife and fighting to make black lives matter

However, in this world of horrifying realities, I am thankful that I can come home to a loving family and a home.

Not a house,

But a home,

I am thankful that this world is designed for me to conquer it, and that I have the backing to do so.

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