Nows my time

There were those dark days

Learning the hard way that not all the decisions I made were the smart things

There were those dark days

Praying that god would take all the pain away

Drowning in this river of sadness

Dried up from the lack of tears

Headaches felt like the pressure had been mounting for years

Being crushed by this mountain of self hate

I thought maybe if I disappeared I’d be able to fade away and no one would have anything bad or good to say

There were those dark days

Trying to figure out which path to take

I lost my way

I dropped into the darkness and couldn’t harness my strongest of faiths

Everything hurt

And there was no cure in sight

Now I sit back and think on that shade that blocked out my sun

Reminiscing on the time when all I did was run

Now I’m facing that storm with no remorse

Now I’m taking my time and letting everything run its course

I came out that hurricane a better man

And now I look at what’s in my path and say I can

Here I rise

I’m alive

Nows my time

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