Who will you be my child?

You are..

everything that you’re supposed to be

Question is, is that enough

Of course it’s enough

It always is enough

But are you

Everything you want to be?

Everything that you can be?

Do you have the courage to find out?

Are you disciplined enough to find out?

Do you have the ware withal to seek

The passions you breathe?

Or are you satisfied with all that you

Already be?

Today you find out

This is a self journey, to experience

The being that is being the eternal

Essance that comes from within

So one more question today,

What will you do to win?


What will you lose in order to

Arrive at the destination to make yourself

Feel alive?

What ebbs and flows will you discover


And what will you think of yourself when you rest your head tonight?

I’d love to hear the answers to these questions when I speak with you later my child.

Now go, enjoy your day

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