Kaep or no Kaep the poem

Image credit to: slate.com

You stood up for what was right,

They white-balled you

Tried to make you the criminal

Because you too action against the wrongful actions of the system that continues to attack the ones that have no say in the matter

You stood up

Used your voice

They cut your voice box

But couldn’t stop the noise from the silent protest

Who would’ve thought a knee to the ground would have caused so much sound that it rang in the ears of those all around



So loud that those black and proud have you backing and those that couldn’t comprehend the sound tried to silence the crowds.

Rather than giving you a shield the shield defended its face, appeasing to commerce rather than standing with its players

The ones that make the revenue come in,

The shield blocked you from this win

And you never gave in no you stood y’all even when they stripped you of everything,

They couldn’t take your will within

And when you pleaded for another chance

Because we knew you still could dance

They lowballed you and then made the world glance as the shield turned you into the jester for everyone’s eyes

Now with pride you fought for your rights and those that backed you look down in disgust as if you were carrying them on your backside

But you will not Cap, Kaep, no you will not fold

You will not let the oppressor tell you when and where to throw

You will not appease to the masters, naw you will carve your name in history as another man by any means necessary stood by your truth,

This isn’t keeping it real, this is showing the world how to not allow the powers that be hold you by that rope

This is showing the youth, that you may not win immediately, but in time the world will change, and when it does. We will remember your name.

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