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The controversy continues for Colin Kaepernick and the NFL. In the recent addition of this saga, a dubious workout was scheduled for Kaepernick in a weekend with misty details. In retaliation, Kaepernick scheduled a completely different workout an hour before 50 miles away. there were supposed to be 25 NFL scouts at the originally scheduled workout, only 8 showed up to the newly scheduled one. After the workout, Kaep held press and answered no questions, but made a statement. ” I’ve been ready for 3 years” ” we’re waiting on the 32 teams, the owners, Rodger Goodell to stop running,” he said. After the day’s events were over, There was a lot of backlash directed towards Kaepernick. In all the entire scene looked as if it were a PR stunt fro both sides. However, What was the truth? What really happened in this strange event that has the entire world watching?

Kaepernick seems to have spurned a heavy amount of backlash by a lot of people surrounding this event. The main reasoning, he wanted to get back into the NFL. He had been lobbying through multiple media outlets to get a shot at playing. And finally, the NFL gave him an opportunity. But at what cost?

There appeared to be a waiver that Kaepernick needed to sign before the workout. A workout that would relieve him of the right to sue the NFL If they were to do him wrong again. Plus the fact that Kaepernick couldn’t bring his own media or receivers to the workout. All these actions seemed sketchy on the NFL’s part. As if they were trying to control the workout and the narrative.

Kaepernick took control of his own destiny, moving the workout to a field 50 miles away. The workout was rescheduled within an hour before the originally scheduled workout. This appeared at face value to be dubious in nature and seemed to turn off 17 of the 25 participants of the workout, as only 8 scouts showed up to this workout. this is a dubious turn of events, and it reveals that one side is in terms of pop culture, “capping“.

Who’s capping in this situation? let’s look at the details for both scenarios.

Let’s start with the NFL.

The NFL had “whiteballed” Colin Kaepernick in 2016 after he began kneeling against police brutality in America. By white balled, I mean the NFL colluded against the former NFL quarterback and denied him access to an NFL team when he clearly could play at a high level in the NFL. As a result, Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL and won in early 2019.

Then, Jay Z became a partner of the NFL and apparently pressured the NFL to give Colin Kaepernick a workout. There were rumors that Jay’s reputation was damaged, which is why he made the move.

Now we get to the workout. The NFL set up a workout on a Saturday, which is known to be unusual as workouts are regularly scheduled on Tuesdays. Disclaimer: The NFL can schedule a workout on any day. But there is still a dubious nature as to why the workout was scheduled on a Saturday.

Then there are the details. details such as the NFL not allowing Colin Kaepernick to use his own receivers. Or have media at the workout. Or the NFL recording their own tape and having full control over the recording that they’ll send to all 32 teams.

All of this sounds odd and concerning for Kaepernick’s camp.

Lastly, there’s the waiver the NFL presented


This waiver apparently takes away Colin Kaepernick’s right to create a claim against the NFL if unfair play was incited. This meaning if the NFL does not fairly give Kaepernick a chance in the tryout, or unjustly delivers the video materials from the workout, Colin can’t sue the NFL again for any wrongdoing.


Now you can see where this is all dubious in concerning for Colin Kaepernick and his camp. All of these details could have turned anyone away.


 Now let’s look at Kaepernick’s side. For years Kaepernick has been lobbying to get back into the NFL. There have been many different Outlets such as Sports talk shows that I’ve been promoting Colin Kaepernick and his ability to play at a high level in the NFL. 

Many people such as the Stephen A. Smiths and the Shannon Sharpes of the world etc… have been promoting that Colin Kaepernick deserves a spot in the NFL. So when Colin changed the workout, there was a lot of dissent amongst those that vouched for him. One can see where that can come from. 


Colin had been lobbying for a long time that he deserved the position in the NFL, Ever since he was silently ousted by the 32 teams in collusion against Colin. 


Then The NFL gave him a workout, and Colin changed everything. He moved the work out, then he held a press conference in which he only spoke did not allow any media to ask questions, then left. He also arrived at the workout in a Kunta Kinte t-shirt. This reveals some sort of statement that may have been made. The messages that he is a free slave and he will not be shackled by the rules and regulations of the NFL. Looking at the evidence, one can ask, what was the purpose of Colin moving the work out if he so desperately wanted to get back into the NFL?


 Another question that comes up is was this a publicity stunt on both sides?

 well, let’s look into it.


 In my own personal opinion, I don’t necessarily agree with Colin Kaepernick’s actions. I do believe he could have responded to the NFL’s actions in a different manner because his actions had made him look like he’s the bad guy in the situation. Or that he’s an attention-seeking and egotistic person attempting to promote his own platforms in a message. That’s where I can see a publicity stunt.


 However, I also believe that his actions are a testament to what he stands for in this moment. Kaepernick will not appease Masters of the NFL. Not in this hard felt battle for social justice and social change. If Colin Kaepernick to sign these waivers and play by the NFL’s rules, he would give up everything that he fought for his entire time. Essentially, the NFL wanted him to stop kneeling and stop protesting police brutality on their platform. And I don’t believe that Colin Kaepernick was willing to do so in order to play it in the NFL. Granted, then why lobby for a workout? Well, Colin Kaepernick is a football player. Colin Kaepernick loves the game, and Colin Kaepernick was wrongfully white-balled out of the NFL. Why wouldn’t he fight to get a position in the NFL? Why wouldn’t he preview his skills and show that he still deserves a position in the NFL?  


This action, although potentially is step back in Colin’s desire to play is a major push forward in Colin’s Legacy. This something that everyone should realize. This isn’t about football at this moment in time, this isn’t about whether he wants to play or not. This is about Colin Kaepernick standing up for what he believes in, and not giving up on that mission. 


Yes, it comes at a great sacrifice, for he probably won’t ever play for the NFL ever again. Especially after the events of last weekend. However, it reveals to the masses that sometimes you have to stand for something or you will fall for everything. 


Sometimes you have to give things up in order to fight for what you are looking for. And yes there are people saying what did he gain out of this, he’s not in the league anymore. Gut look at the likes of Muhammad Ali. However, Ali gave up his title, he went to jail, he fought so many times for what was right. 


And now we Champion him as a Social justice leader and a man that fought for what he believed it. Colin Kaepernick appears to be no different, he is this Generations iteration of that concept. Something we’ve long lost in the sands of time. 


At this moment people will turn their cheek against him, but 10 years, 20 years from now they will look back at this moment and remember the hard-fought battle that Colin Kaepernick gave everything for. We should be proud of him for what he did even if it wasn’t the best possible solution. This is Kaepernick not capping, and revealing to the NFL that they are capping. There is clear evidence of the NFLtampering and distorting the truth, and putting the ball in Kaepernick’s hands just so they can show the world that he can fumble it. 


But in truth I don’t believe Kaepernick fumbled the football, I think he threw it very deep passes and a lot of receivers caught them. This is evident in his workout video. I think that Kaepernick showed the world what it means to fight for social justice, that sometimes you can’t do what you have to in order to get what you want. Sometimes you have to stand and fight, sometimes that means you have to sacrifice. 


He chose to sacrifice football, he chose to sacrifice his ability to play the game he loves, he chose justice and truth. Isn’t that enough?


 As for the NFL, this reveals what we knew all along. There’s a lot more to this then what meets the eye, including Jay-Z’s part in it and how the NFL conducted themselves. The NFL is running from something, and they just strategically placed all the blame on Colin Kaepernick. As you can see with a lot of media Outlets people are turning against Colin Kaepernick, But everyone has their own opinion and everyone has their own take on the situation. My personal take I applaud Colin Kaepernick, but I do understand where his actions weren’t the smartest. they could have been a better way, yes, but Colin did what he did. So now we have to stand with Kaepernick and find a way to give this man a backing In This Moment.


  This may look like a keeping it real goes wrong, but it’s deeper than that. As I said before there’s a stronger message to what Kaepernick was doing this weekend. He’s just reiterating what he’s been fighting for all these years. This isn’t just about football. Colin Kaepernick will not be silenced, it’s not worth going back to NFL if you’re being silenced. This is bigger than getting a job and being able to feed your family, even though we hope he’s able to feed his family. If he would have signed that waiver form and commenced with the original workout, he would eliminate everything he fought for these past three years. Is that really worth getting a job? I think we have to look past the idea that he fought for a position in the NFL. This notion that if you’re trying to get hired you have to appease your Masters at some point, error I mean your bosses. This is a statement to those who don’t realize sometimes you have to take a stand and lose everything in order to gain more. This message goes deeper than just Colin Kaepernick, and Kaepernick realizes that. 


This is for the Next Generation, for those who won’t have to fight for their rights. This is for the young black and brown men and women who are unjustly and unfairly tried in courts, and unjustly and unfairly killed by police brutality each and every day. This is for the oppressed so that they may see the sun in the darkness. So yes Kaepernick did keep it real, but he didn’t go wrong this time. It may look like that because he’s not playing in the NFL. However, as I said in 20 years, Kaepernick will be a Pioneer for social justice and we will celebrate him just like we do  Ali, just like we do Martin, just like we do Malcolm, Garvey, Fred Hampton, Harriet Tubman, and so many more. Let this be a message to anyone believing that Colin Kaepernick failed at this moment, he for sure didn’t because we’ve seen this before and this won’t be the last time we’ll see this. We as the oppressed have to remind ourselves that we may not win at the moment.


We may not see our victories come to fruition in our lifetimes, but it is our battles and sacrifices we make to make sure our successors don’t face the same injustices we did.


We must stop attempting to appease those that oppress us if we are attempting to be freed of their oppression


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