Meet Benji Baby


450B6047-AE4C-428F-B4F6-7A37BFE2A3B0Benji Baby is a young ambitious artist born and raised in the concrete jungle of the Bronx, USA. Hailing from the 40 block in the Wakefield area of the Bronx, Benji developed a passion for the music game through the rich environment of culture, creativity, and expression within the boogie down. Being a music lover he pays specific attention to production quality, these include, but are not limited to; reverb and echos. In his eyes, they must be perfect for the best possible performance and musical pizzazz. He’s a lover of energetic beats that keep the crowd moving.


A master of the crowd, he works to his maximum capacity with hype beats that keep those that listen engaged at all times. Add that to his melodic style which harmonizes excellently with his love for a hyped crowd and you have one provocative artist. Even though he loves to entertain, his desire to make music comes from within, as he makes it for himself and his creative interests. This keeps him going and engaged with his music career, and also shows you how personable and ecstatic he is to continue to create.


Benji loves his music so much that he has unreleased tracks of melodic mastery that will never touch our listening ears! That reveals just how much he loves his music simply because he just loves to listen to it himself. 

Benji’s goal in a year is to have his music reach a wider audience by being played on radios, he’ll feel as if his mission was accomplished when that goal is achieved. He claims he’ll quit after that. However, with his love for melody, we know he’ll never give it up. He plans on doing this by expanding his network through social media and continuing to drop dope music for the supporters he has now and plans to grow. 


In five years Benji sees himself traveling and producing his music to people he’s never seen in enormous stadiums in foreign countries. He dreams big because he lives bigger. A true genuine man that simply wants to share his love for music with the world. 

Benji is a big sports lover, being a fan of basketball, he is a huge LeBron James and Kyrie Irving fan. 

Favorite kicks to wear have to be the Yeezy’s of course, Their versatility is what he gravitates to as any fit can mesh well with them.


Three things you wouldn’t know about Benji, first, he loves his alone time. Surprising for a man that always has great energy around people huh? He’s also a homebody, loving his own space to be the most creative. Lastly, his favorite color is red, even though everyone is convinced it’s green. Two opposites, that’s interesting Benji. 


Benji wishes to shoot more music videos and get on the radio for accomplishments this coming year.

Watch out for Benji, he’s coming in hot with music that will always electrify your vibe. He’s a great man who only desires to show love and deliver his music to people.

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