Slavery to the dollar

I’m a slave to myself fuck the money I’ll get it at any time

Fuck the business fuck capitalism fuck that worthless piece a paper that keeps you niggas blind

We’re forgetting our passions and allowing capitalism to take action and dictate where our actions take place

Wake up, black capitalism is a mirage that has drained us from our true selves

Chase passions

Stop acting as if currency s only transferable through dead space owners

We’re marathon runners pursuing what we can give.

And that money can do nothing but take

And bring hate jealousy and envy

Money is the root of all evil but it will not be the end of me iont need the bread

Iont need the cheese

I need peace

And love

And life

None of those things money can bring me

Never will I allow myself to allow a dead President to hold such President over my reality

I’m not here to accumulate funds just to express how much fun I’m living with a tangible source of currency that won’t surge me to my purpose B

I’m greater than that money isn’t saving me from the fact that this life I’m living isn’t as significant as we make it to be.

We are specs in the larger scheme of time and we continue to blind ourselves and bind ourselves to a dead man believing that this form of exchange is our master.

Slavery never left it just transformed its master

Wake up y’all, find a passion.

Money will not give you your answer

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