Boruto Introduces New Character after time travel arc

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All stories experience change and introduce new characters and themes. The Naruto series is no stranger to implementing change. As the time travel arch sees its conclusion in Boruto: the next generation viewers got to peer a glimpse of what’s to come in the form of a new character. A character of samurai origins has shown their face and will be joining the massive chats of characters as we see Boruto’s story unravel what will come of this character? What is her purpose in the story? How will they progress the legend of Boruto as fans learn to grow and adapt to this sequel to The leaf’s number 1 knucklehead ninja’s son? Only time will tell as we dig deep into the pages. 


Viewers learned at the conclusion of the time travel arch a snippet into the next episode. A new character will be introduced in the next episode titled “ The Samurai Foreign exchange Student.” According to This is being done because antagonist Sumire will be leaving team 15 to join a specific ninja weaponry assignment.




 Her replacement will be a dark-haired girl with a sword from the land of iron named Tsubaki Kurogane. She seems mysterious, cold and calculated from her introduction with a stern disdain for the hidden leaf village due to her own personal beliefs according to the preview via youtube. 

Since it seems the shinobi in this village are good for nothing’s with no conviction!” She says in the preview. 

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This seems to bode well for relations between the Land of Iron and the Hidden Leaf Village. Fans may be spoiled with more Land of Iron with this inclusionary character. The samurai had some significance within the Naruto series with its part in the fourth great ninja war. Remember Obito posing as Masada declared war against the great nations of the ninja world within the land of Iron? This is the same Arc in which Sasuke caused Raikage A to lose his arm. This new character may open the door for new relations between villages as well as a mesh of samurai and ninja ideologies, as we as fans know in the naruto universe the two often clash. 


This new character seems to come with an arc of her own, as she is seen with a father figure character at the end of the preview via YouTube telling her something. This may expand the Naruto universal lore and dig into the Boruto saga as well as fans prepare for episode 137 new secrets will be revealed as we dive into this mysterious new arc. Fans will see something interesting birthed out of this odd new trio in team 15. The questions that come up would be how will Hanabi lead this new team into cohesion especially with a pivotal member leaving? Also, what arc will come out of Sumire’s leaving of the team? Fans will just have to find out in the following episodes.

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