NYPD cop jailed after Racist incident.

image credit: Nashville Metro Police / Nashville Metro Police

Newsone reports that NYPD officer Michael J Reynolds reportedly broke into a black woman’s home and threatened them multiple times while calling them racial slurs such as “nigger”

“Try to shoot me, and I’ll break every f—ing bone in your f—ing neck,” Reynolds said before calling them “fucking niggers.”

Reports say that Reynolds was set to spend a few weeks in jail and given three years probation after the incident. Conese Halliburton and her four sons in Nashville were comfortably resting in their home in Nashville when the drunk officer broke into their home. The incident is reportedly including an Airbnb, where the officer mistook the woman’s home for the place he was staying at. This incident occurred in September.

“He kept coming down the hall,” she said. “Nothing was holding him back. He was like, ‘This is my mother f—ing house’” before the surveillance footage showed Reynolds threatened them with racist, physical violence.-Newsone

Reynolds attempted to blame his actions on alcohol, however, any racially charged incident of this magnitude obviously has a dark history attached to it. Reynolds was a door away from the home that he and his friends had rented for the night. The homeowner claimed that her dogs attempted to attack the assailant, however that did not stop him from his assault.

Reynold’s current employment is unclear at this moment according to Newsone. “he was suspended for 30 days from his job, and although he had been decommissioned,” he was still employed as a police officer in New York City as of Dec. 6. more details to follow.

This type of behavior is uncalled for and should be punished properly. there is no reason for an officer of the law to conduct themselves like this, alcohol is no excuse. If someone were to crash a vehicle while under the influence, they would be arrested and do time in prison. This is a home invasion, break-in -entry. The officer should be punished as so.


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