NBA investigates Kawhi’s uncle’s requests

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We all are learning more and more about Kawhi Leonard each and every day. The best way to learn about this enigma of a man is to understand the inner workings of he and his family. By family, I mean his Uncle Dennis. Kawhi’s uncle Dennis has been in the media since Kawhi’s request to leave San Antonio a couple of years ago. Now he’s back in the headlines. Recently, a report was released about Uncle Dennis’s outlandish requests for articles including part ownership and a private plane to the Lakers and other teams during free agency.  Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway and  ESPN’s Stephen A Smith reported this issue months ago.

“This is me putting on my reporter’s hat here. People in NBA circles are talking about this right now: Allegedly, the uncle, Uncle Dennis, was asking for a lot of stuff from the other teams; houses, planes, sponsorship, guaranteed sponsorship money, just as an example. They’re throwing this stuff out there. All of those things are supposedly illegal in the collective bargaining agreement. I have no idea whether this is true or not. I’m not trying to cast any aspersions on Uncle Dennis, but people in NBA circles are talking about this as we speak. Why is that important? Because one could argue the reason why this story is out there right now about the Lakers and the Raptors feeling played wasn’t just because of what Uncle Dennis asked for, but they’re going to try to turn that around and parlay that into a question about what did the Clippers give up to get Kawhi Leonard. So in other words, you’ve got teams right now playing games with one another talking about they’re trying to point the finger at the Clippers saying, ‘let’s ask what the Clippers did to get Kawhi Leonard.’- Stephen A smith/Bleacher Report

Recently the Los Angeles Lakers reported the details of Uncle Dennis’s illegal requests. This is an intriguing new detail being revived in wake of the wild free agency surrounding Kawhi Leonard. As we remember, Leonards brought the Lakers, and the Raptors on to a roller coaster ride in Free agency. Many reports we believing he was signing with LAL, others believed he was going to Toronto. Then, suddenly he signs with LAC ( Los Angeles Clippers) and Paul George gets traded to LAC to join him. This formed potentially the scariest duo in the NBA this season.

Now, we are being updated on the illegal activity that could’ve been surmised by this whirlwind of a free agency having the NBA on edge. The NBA apparently investigated the situation to see if any violations were committed. As of now, there are no confirmed violations. With this new information coming to the forefront, CBSsports reports that the league is prepared to reinvestigate.

If there is proof of violations, the NBA could fine the Clippers a large sum of money, force them to forfeit a draft pick and also void Kawhi’s contract. The question comes to what did the Clippers give to gain Kawhi Leonard. This is because of the noise from teams involved in Kawhi’s free agency not giving up the insane requests.

There is something suspicious about this free agency indeed. However, if these allegations are true, well-played uncle Dennis. This is a masterful way to godfather your way through a business that has stolen from athletes for decades. Even the Adam Silver and the NBA are proactive in player empowerment, There are still players that end up screwed after their playing careers. As far as uncle Dennis goes, this was a unique way to level up and create a lane for himself outside of Kawhi’s money. this is an interesting way to maneuver through the business. For me, I hope that it’s true to the extent that Kawhi and his uncle made the business work for them. At the same time, I hope no penalties come to the Clippers if said allegations are true.

This is a unique situation however something like this did occur in 2000. The Minnesota Timberwolves once illegally signed forward Joe Smith to a contract that ultimately was investigated. This cost the Timberwolves four first-round draft picks, which screwed Kevin Garnet’s prime years arguably. Let’s hope that the Clippers and uncle Dennis didn’t have any foul play in this negotiation and that this was all a play to deter teams from trying to sign Kawhi in a bidding war.

Well played uncle Dennis, well played.

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