Bet on Yourself

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We all have those moments. The rise and the fall. The high feelings of bliss that awaken in the waterfalls of pure water. Water that sustains our dopamine levels only for a few short moments. But when it drains we become susceptible to an egregious amount of pain that cannot be explained it can only be felt. For so many of us, we learn the hard way of the ebbs and flows of life, and it can scar us deeply.

We go through moments of depression that run wild thoughts like a cheetah in a safari on a hot summer day. We feel the doubt, the anxiety. We look back on what we once had and try to feel something that can propel us through the day. When we fall from those mountain tops, the scratches and bruises seem to take forever to heal.

in the world of sports, we see these stories and feel an enormous amount of emotion for those that endure these such journeys. these are our superheroes. Living, breathing models of excellence that we strive to be. Sometimes, we forget that they are human. Sometimes, we lose sight of the idea that they can tumble down the mountain top too.

However, when they do, it creates stories that carry us through the day. We begin to understand that these journeys occur in everyone, it becomes normal to fail. To fall from grace. to learn how to not do something. When we feel failure, we believe that there’s no way possible to achieve happiness. So we turn to our idols. Those on the tv screen and we see their return to the top that they were once on.

Such people are like Carmelo Anthony, NBA forward. Last year in October he was blackballed from the NBA. So many news outlets counted him out. so many people believed he couldn’t play in the modern NBA. They said he couldn’t play defense. They said his means of the offense wasn’t conducive to winning in the modern NBA. For a year he was out of the league. For some time he doubted himself. Being away from the game he loved, the game he played for most of his life. That type of dispair could set anyone off into a depression in parts uncharted. It can consume someone. The thought, that you could be at a high and enjoying something and the next day it can be taken away. All because outside forces believe it isn’t for you.

In this instance, one would believe that he would give up. However, he didn’t. He repurposed. found a fire and kindled it every day. being so far away from what he loved he got back to understanding his passion and worth. And this guided him forward. Every day he worked out, preparing for a call. And one day, he received one. Anthony received a call from the Portland Trail Blazers, that same week, he suited up and played for them on a non-guaranteed contract. A few weeks later due to spectacular performances, he was signed for the remainder of the season.

Melo reached the mountain top again. He bet on himself, stuck to what he loved. The fruits of his labor bore him a tree that will feed him forever. Moral of the story, bet on yourself. Persevere, people will try to knock you off your high horse. People will place their fears on to you. People will fill you up with doubt. You will fail. You will lose in life, sometimes all that you worked for can crumble right in front of you. Bet on yourself. Believe you are worth what youre aspiring for and never let someone else tell you otherwise.

For me, as a writer, I lacked the experience necessary for certain jobs. Coming out of school I didn’t have necessarily the proper degree to pursue a journalism degree. I struggled in the job field for months, seeking jobs I didn’t necessarily want just for money in my pocket. I ran into a wall of doubt and depression. for months I lost faith in myself, however, one thing remained consistent, I wrote every day. Even if I didn’t post, I wrote. I had a goal in mind. There was a day I was working at one of my jobs and I hit a mental and physical burnout. I knew I had enough, but I didn’t know if I could persevere.

that when I decided to pursue my passion. I had hit rock bottom and knew there was only one way to go. That’s up. so I started seeking writing jobs. I started my journey out of school with none. At this moment in time, I have three writing positions, with a potential 4th that’s going to set me on the path to my life goals.

When it is all said and done. We are capable of anything we set our minds to. We are the painters to our canvases, the writers of our stories, the arbiters of our destinies. We will feel pain at times, This is natural. We will experience doubt, and fear, and failure. However, so long as we fight, we remain consistent with our desires and we work every single day to get better. Eventually, we will climb back to reach that nirvana we once had.

Bet on yourself.

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