Can you feel it? That rushing wave of sanity cleansing your pores?

Like a heavy waterfall blasting you with pressure as you sit and meditate all the bad thoughts away.

Can you feel it? The soothing sounds of the ocean in a fresh morning.

Rising and falling,

colliding with the land.

The flexibility of water represents your ability to adapt to any situation

at a moments notice.

Can you feel it? the calming and harsh sound of rain hitting the pavement.

That’s you, peacefully and forcefully making your presence felt. Oh how majestically powerful you are in the same breath.

An oxymoron in real life. Your ability to make something so soothing, so healthy for others yet so dangerous if you’re pushed.

You are like water. Rushing waves of soothing rage. Tip you off too far, and you’ll drown your enemies in an endless stream of your passion.

Believe in you, and you’ll hydrate those you inspire for millennium.

The equilibrium in your presence is infectious

You are omnipresent, fluent, and aggressive

Can you feel it? The mighty tsunami of love, passion, aggression, as you crash heavily into this new phase.

You are water, now calmly flush all your negativity down the drain and cleanse the world of its pain

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