Can you feel it?

The fresh breeze that

Wisps away your worries?

That heavy wind that’s

Channeling your winds

Into the direction

You’re going in?

The air that breathes prosperity

And passion?

Can you feel it? Being called into action

By the winds of change

Breathe in and out and watch it rearrange

Your world in an array of exchanges

That manifest into bliss.

Can you feel that cool fresh air

in a warm summer’s morning?

That’s the dawn of new possibilities

See, you are the hurricane

that will blow away

the expectations of your

adversaries and peers

Witness from your eye

as you storm through

the obstacles blockading your life

Rushing winds

spinning at speeds that decimate

your enemies and carve out

the world that you se fit.

The destructions you’ll cause

will be the foundations for your rebuild

as you ravage your old life

and rebuild a new

Can you feel it?

That tornado raging in the desolate land

There’s no aimless ire within this storm


This is your fervor to create.

The natural spinning of your life

Whirling around the articles

you choose to send into

the atmosphere and disintegrate

All the pain and frustrations you feel

Can you feel it?

The winds of change

directing you to a new path?

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