Doubt is an illusion

To be drowned in doubt,

the poisonous nectar that clouds our vision of the bright lights we shine on others.

To be shrouded in the dogs of fear

The dark, deceptive pain that clings into our lives like parasites sucking our blood and squeezing our marrow

The pain, all of the pain that is felt by doubt.

The darkness shrouding our minds

The blinds we put on our lives as we try to define our lives vicariously through the way others shine.

To be drowned in doubt is a sin

To be destroyed by our loses and to neglect our wins we lose within when doubt creeps in

To be smothered in the belief that we can’t achieve

To sit there in the darkness believing that we’ve failed

That’s when we breathe.

That’s when we harness the darkness and swallow it whole.

That’s when we work our hardest to climb out of the pit

Of tar

That weighs us down

That’s when we push ourselves even further

That’s when our ire reaches its peak

And we speak into existence

Our greatest feats

It is in doubt that we see our own deceit

And we rise from the self hate

And the pain

That’s when we shield ourselves from the disdain and claim or thrones, covered in the perfume of our own blood, sweat and tears

That’s when we shed fear.

It is in the fog of doubt,

The darkest of rooms,

That we find the light,

And we collect it.

Amplifying it’s power

To shine bright

Doubt is the illusion we conjured in the mess of confusion generated by the thought that we lack what we already have

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