I have a healing relationship with losing

It’s funny right?

The concept of having a good relationship with losing?

Who does that?

Most people hate losing,

They hate the feeling

They despise feeling like they hadn’t accomplished something

Me, I’m a contrary nigga

Losses an I are best friends

We play, we chill, we know each other’s secrets

Losing knows me inside and out

They know my next move,

they know how brave I am

They know how I failing

They know how I’ll prevail

See I don’t envision losses as some type of

Burden that weighs me down

I visualize them as a friend that reminds me

To get back up and try again

I see them as a person empowering me

Telling me what not to do

Helping me find my way

Granting me advice on how to navigate this whirling maze called life

Losing is my best friend

They talk to me daily,

We reminisce on the girls I let slip away,

They tell me all the times I failed to count them as well, that’s a lot of Ls sheesh

They remind me of the times I failed to make those basketball teams

How I cried when my last chance was in high school,

and how I watched those that weren’t as good as me make a team

that I could’ve easily excelled in

However, losing propelled me forward to keep trying,

Losing was the first person there when I submitted my first article

filled with typos and little bits of information

And losing was there to stare me dead in the face and say, nigga…

You failed

Losing was there at every job interview,

Losing showed me every rejection letter,

Losing was right next to me for every no,

Losing has never left my side,

And they never will

No matter how many times winning will call Me over

and I’ll leave losing for a while They’ll always be there

Winning is so temporary,

like friends that just Want you for some arbitrary use,

like Pokémon cards,

or that girl or boy you’re cool with or money or shoes

But losing, naw losing will always stick by your side through thick and thin,

It is losing that makes us, not our wins.

Losses build and shape that

Woman or man within

Without losing how could we become victorious?

Me I can’t shake losing and I don’t want to

Because losing is that friend that will always remind me of where I came from,

And help me move forward to where I need to be

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