Dear basketball

The way that rubber ball hits the sleek

hardwood floor…

The sweet soliloquy of life

The sheer symphony of the muse that

devastates the room

and leaves all watching in awe.

There is nothing more sweet,

nothing more present

Nothing more magical than

when that ball goes into the rim.

That is life, that is love.

Where we rise in the night,

and grow in the dawn,

we envision a world

where love is second nature.

Immortalized in the stream of time

Blessed us with life,

Gave us the magic of fervor to win no matter what,

What a life,

What a man,

Kobe is the young king

that took the crown when Michael put it down

Mamba is the venom

that came out when everything fell apart

Veno is the last hurrah

when the journey was ending

But the man, the myth,

the legend was the elegant and fragrant,

vicious competitor

that gave a generation a reason for life

This time it’s real…

Mamba out

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