Doubt. Pt2

I can feel it creeping in…

That darkness, the pure form of doubt

I can feel it scratching at the walls of this layered house

 I designed to keep it out,

but the Clouds of doubt block the sun

 And are creeping through every crevasse

 Attempting to shroud my

thoughts with pain and suffering

Planning to drown me in a

pool of my own disbelief

Seeking to deceive me in my

own feelings of doubt,

 It burst through the door

And instantly the smoke of doubt pours

 Into this fortress, I used to distort its path to me

And now my whole building is up in smoke,

My vision blurred, Hope nowhere to be found,

I suffocate in this never-ending feeling of doubt

Everything I worked for seems to comedown

Why can’t I open a window,

And let this cloud of doubt fly out?

Because it consumes me

It’s addictive,

It’s safe,

It’s a quiet place,

there’s no pressure in this smoke of doubt

My anxiety drowns me in this

consumption of doubt

My life doesn’t move and my worries dissipate

When I’m filled with doubt

there’s nowhere to fall,

 because I’m already at the bottom.

Everything I worked for, down the drain

I’m swallowed in pain and this feeling that

 I can’t make it out this never-ending loop of doubt,

 I’ve cast my own Tsukuyomi on myself,

living my entire

Life in my own mind,

Trying to find the courage to stand up

and face doubt, I sit in my bed. And

Suffocate from the smoke

I’ve created in my own mind


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