Black art

You ever feel the flavor in black art?

The wonderful magic that comes with collaborating style,

Substance, pain, culture and pure raw energy?

You ever see the coconut oil and curling creams emancipating themselves

From hair, as it stands out in permeates good vibes into the air of a black person?

Have you ever seen a painting of black boy joy release

The earth into its hair and remind you of how grounded we are into the soil?

You ever see a group of musicians sync rhtymatically and spiritually and then

Obliterate the room with the sweet sound of music that alleviates the darkest of moods?

Black art is so versatile and ballistic

It’s in your face at all times

But it’s not bad energy

It’s here

It’s powerful and it’s something to revere in the name of love

It’s as if god stuck black art and named it the creators of soulful power

That relinquishes the dark thoughts in our minds

Black art is the time taken to fix a black woman’s hair

It is the sweet smell of soul food

Black art is nature pressing into the painter’s hand

As they weave a brush onto a blank canvas

Black art is a black baby’s smile

Black art is a design that is so sublime it’s carved into everything we align ourselves with

We are black art in every essence of it

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