A hopeless creative

I’m a hopeless creative because when I think that I’ve made it

 I’m reminded by the world that I haven’t changed shit

I’m a hopeless creative because when I get stuck in this mayhem

 The universe aligns perfectly and spits out my new initiative

I’m a hopeless creative because I can generate thoughts

That birth love from hatred

However, I somehow can’t mass produce this product

Like it was a soda bottle for everyone to taste it.

Not yet at least, but one day the world will visualize this beast

 Until then I will seek new minds to feed

This hopeless creative design channels the powers of the divine

 To touch souls in chakras they couldn’t fathom

I won’t rest until I’ve built a mansion out of the people

I’ve delivered this message to

Right now I don’t have enough to build steps

That’s why I’m a hopeless creative

Because I know my rhetoric pierces the heavens

And delivers sunlight on a rainy day

I’m conscious of the fact that my tongue flies into the stratosphere sprinkling

Passion, motivation, and inspiration onto those that get pollinated by it

I’m aware of how my vernacular can channel into a perspiration that digs into

 The soil of people’s gardens and harvests life

 That grows new flowers into trees in the fresh springs

But I feel as if I’m withering away like red leaves in the autumn breeze.

That’s where my hopeless creative deceives

The balance between me arriving and falling takes one jump,

And I’ve long since taken that leap

I’m a hopeless creative, so I’ve hit that ground more than

 I’ve spread my wings and glided off into the sunset.

But like a phoenix, I rise from my ashes of failure.

 Because as hopeless as I am,

Those red autumn leaves lay the groundwork for new soil

Those ashes dissipate into and fertilize the ground,

For a new tree to sprout, and give me fresh leaves in a sunny new spring,

A hopeless creative I am, but day after day I never give up,

Because one day I’ll be hopeful,

And ill drain my Hope into the rest of the world

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