Black love

Love from the root,

all the way to the treetop.

The very feeling of Black love

is in its core a natural phenomenon.

The dedication to one another to grow,

the need to fight oppression,

the need to create,

to love,

to live,

to learn

There is something about black love

that is so massive, so powerful,

So striking.

Black love,


It matters because it creates a whole

out of two halves that rotate around each other

like yin and yang.

It matters because it is the balance necessary

to overtake the mountain of obstacles

designed to consume black people.

Black love is enigmatic, yet simple.

Black love is elegant, and flagrantly

expressing is dominance in a passive world.

The union between two black people causes the

trees to shine in a luminescent green,

It coerces the oceans into a calm during a

Vicious hyper-cane whirling the world in

A deadly tempest

It causes the animals to sing

and dance in grace and unity ad harmony,

creating a natural symphony to celebrate

the returning of two lovers

after a long journey of searching for each other. 

Black love, speaking of it makes your legs quiver,

the hairs on your back stand.

The feeling of two black people in love gives hope,

it rekindles the flame of possibilities.

Black love is the root of all passion and

Extends life into trees shading the world with

A cooling mint scent that alleviates stress

The unison between two emperors separated

by time, shackles, history, pain, exhaustion,

enslavement, and hate,

Witnessing the two intake the other’s strains

and transform them into gains that bare fruit

in the harvest of their garden of dreams is a

feeling that exasperates the veins

This is what happens

when you witness black love today

Black love, It matters.


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