The Rise of a new hero in NYC: a comic story

As the crimson sun rises on the concrete jungle, a new hero begins his journey to the top of the superhero ranks. How is he doing it? through comics, telling the tales of valiant heroes that relate to our worlds in epic battles. This hero is seeking to dominate all facets of the superhero genre, his name? Shiloh Sterling. His game? Comics

Comics are visual books that bring a lot of our favorite fictional characters to life. It has all the magic of a book, with a sprinkle of visual brilliance that gives us the imagination we all aspire to. People that explain comics help us bring to life the very characters we idolize and read about. Over the years, I’ve come across a couple of Youtubers that are in the comic book industry. Here. I wish to examine a couple of them, as well as introduce you to a new, up and comic book hero by the name of Static Shi. 

Static Shi is looking to make a name for himself in the comic book world. His inspiration often comes from these other two Youtubers as he seeks his path through the grueling mountain that is the animation game. Stationed in NYC, he’s growing his audience and steadily rising as a hero in the comic realm.

Why Comics?

Why would you read comics? I know, Comic book characters seem childish. However, comics tell tales of our dreams, they teach lessons and allow us to explore our imaginations, reaching new heights. Comics bring real-life scenarios and maximize them into full fledge battles of epic proportions. Often times they create stories that relate to our struggles. Think of X men, Professor X resembles Martin Luther King whereas Magneto resembles Malcolm X. Think Of Thanos in The last two Avengers movies, his idea of how life has become oversaturated. These are real ideals that challenge your thoughts about the world we live in. 

Now I’ve told you about this, how do these YouTubers come into play? I know, you can pick up your own comics and interpret them in your own eyes yes. However, imagine a person that is an expert in this field someone who wishes to make their own comics, imagine them explaining the work to you. That’s what these YouTubers do. This is why, I’m presenting you Shi Sterling, but before I do that, I’m going to present you two YouTubers in the game and compare them to the young stud Static Shi is. 


The first comic book analyzer on the docket is Comicstorian. I watched his reading of the White Knight batman series. Watching Comicstorian, I’m immediately drawn in through the presence of his voice. The animation in his voice creates an atmosphere that draws you in and wants you to continue to listen. He connects with the reader by giving voices that make you believe the comic is coming to life. He also does well with narrating the scenery in between actions being taken during the comics. This is a brilliant display of comic book reading that gives an entertaining twist to your reading experience. I’m fond of his ability to change voices and to explain the environment with amazing detail and precision. 


The second Youtuber is Comicsexplained. In comparison to Comicstorian, Comicsexplained has a deep and soothing voice that gives great detail in explaining comics. He’s not like Comicstorian who brings animation and life to the comics he delivers to viewers. However, this is not a bad thing. Instead, this is actually a good thing as it gives the reader the ability to use their own imagination to fill in the environment of the comic. Where comics explains lacks in animation, he makes up for by detailing the events surrounding the setting within the comic. He does this by connecting the current events of what going on I the comics to any other comics that relate to the current comic. Comicstorian does a lot of explaining what’s going on and tells the tale of the comic. Where Comicsexplained explains the comic and the world around the comic. These two YouTubers love comics and give you varying visuals of comics, however, if there’s one person I’d recommend, it’s definitely Shi Sterling.

Shi Sterling

Shiloh Sterling aka @Shi.sterling on Instagram and Static Shi is a great young actor, comic book writer, and director seeking to get his feet wet in the industry. His ability to make our favorite childhood heroes come to life through miraculous tales of valiant excursions shows glimpses of his unbelievable potential. This Young Brother is attempting as a black man to break the mold with his awe-inspiring tales through his passion for storytelling. His dream is to be able to play Miles Morales, the afro Latino web crawler that recently entered the Marvel universe. With his potential and work ethic, he is bound to take the leap to achieve his dream. He needs your help however, for he is an underappreciated content creator on Instagram and youtube looking to get into a scene that is begging for more diversity. Imagine in 3-4 years, you go to watch a film from the ever-expansive Marvel Studios, and in the movie you see a Shiloh Sterling playing a character of his name in the credits as a producer, story writer or director. Now envision it was you that promoted and believed in the natural talent he had and wished to get his name out by sharing his channel. Static shi put his heart and soul into creating stories by us, for us, allowing us to have representation on the big screen, something that has become a growing idea in recent years. 


His youtube channel brings you intimate and in-depth analyses of comics, movies, anime you name it. His authentic content and vulnerability is relatable especially for people trying to breakthrough. Excellent animation skills and narrative skills. If that doesn’t draw you in then I don’t know what to tell you. Static Shi had the ability to combine both the animation skills of a comicstorian with the narration ability of a comics explained. This is where he differs. Being passionate and enthusiastic about comics gives him an edge in explaining and narrating comics. This is why you should watch this young brother and become a part of his comic journey.

Check him out, see his story, and join it. Thank you for reading.


Sincerely, Donnie.

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