Dopamine Zombie

The emptiness I feel at times leaves a hunger in my soul I can’t seem to satisfy

The need to feed on success forces me to salivate on the possibilities of what I can achieve

However, I continue to deceive my own hunger with thirsts

These thirsts are in the shape of the poisonous drinks of anxiety,


And depression

Exhaustion is the soda that I swallow in all my free time.

I want to quench these thirsts with the flagrant waters of dedication, determination, and belief in myself

So every day I take the time to discipline myself and toss aside those dark drinks that make me think I can’t succeed

I do what I can to fill this satiating emptiness in my soul. 

I refuse to consume the foods that naturally down my mood

The candies of self-doubt, the fats of self-hate.

Naw I’d rather eat the fruits of self-love and appreciating.

This love apple and positive orange tastes way better than this burger of greasy depression

So I toss aside the pasta transgressions and begin to meal plan the new light that will propel me to the healthier living I’ve always pursued.

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