Spring of Corona

I stepped outside today,

Felt the fresh early spring as I ran,

The birds were serenading to the world,

She was listening,


Our world was silent.

No sirens,

No people.

I took the liberty of running without music,

to hear the sweet melodies of my world,

and one sound was missing.

The bustle of people mingling about

Lady Corona took that freedom from us

and it has left the orchestra of the world missing a sound.

My real question is,

even though it’s noticeable,

does it really diminish the quality of the sound

in the symphony the world shouts?

Am I truly phased by the missing sounds of people roaming about?

or do I find paradise in the blowing of the world

without its plague rampaging about?

Funny how a “plague” would diminish a plague,

However that’s a conversation for another day.

Today is focused on the beauty of the world as we listen to it sang

Witnessing the bright blue sky,

hearing the winds speech and the chimes preach,

the birds scream and the rest of the critters

seize the silence as they claim dominance over the silent world.

Feel the air and smell it’s clean essence as it breaches the skin

Spring of Corona, it’s not so bad

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