The box

The enlarged box contains wavelengths and frequencies that rupture the natural flow of things,

Breaking the zeitgeist of thought is the ultimate scenario if it were to be unleashed.

That’s why the box is feared, and why no one would dare to open it and see

The fear of new beginnings makes sweat trickle down the people’s back, all the way to their feet

Allowing the box to be opened would endanger their way of life as they know it, or do they think.

See the problem is that they don’t know what will happen if they open the box, so their mind fills in the blanks, and nothing positive comes from uncertainty do they leave the box sealed shut until someone brave enough comes to unpatch the lock and unleash the confides

Fear, uncertainty rule our lives. So we hide from anything that isn’t bound to us like white on rice. Afraid of unknown worlds and ideas because of their alien nature to own own.

But little do we know, a little bit of what we don’t know, could heal us, rather than hurt us all

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