Sundry Fragments

Sundry fragments

The sundry fragments of my soul are splattered across the globe in search of new

Ways to become bold, brave,

and no longer afraid

Staring in a rage as I blame the world for my soul being in disarray attempting to discover my place in this paradigm controlled by dissonance

Sundry fragments sprinkle into the atmosphere challenging the heights they can go to escape this exhausting existence that clings onto dopamine, false concepts of love,

And the persistent desire to be accepted

My soul desires more,

So it disperses it’s sundry fragments in order to efficiently discover new purpose

Although it may not be efficacious in its attempts, it’s the will that sprouts out of the ground hoping to be a rose rising from the concrete

The will to be different,

To stand out rather than fit in satiates

My burning soul’s sundry fragments

My hope is that my soul’s pieces can find that quelling presence,

So that it’s storm may pass

and peace can be found within it

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