Abandoned puppets

Abandoned puppets lay
like carcasses on the floor of my bedroom
Staring me down as if they were disappointed in me discarding them from my corpse because I didn’t need them anymore
These sundry fragments of my darkest pieces of life lay in a corner devoid of sunlight
Spaced away from my pain and anxiety these abandoned puppets were once shields that deflected people from my vulnerable and at a time, believed to be weak true self.

Now they are like snake’s skin,
Shedded and left to their proper use, in the past
Without me,
Because I don’t need them anymore,
I’m not afraid of what people think of. Me
I’m afraid of not being me,
I’m not terrified of being judged,
I’m terrified of not enjoying who I am in the presence of others
I’m not pessimistic about my appearance
I’m pessimistic of appearing unappealing to my True self
So these abandoned puppets lay in a dark cold corner staring in disdain at my glowing skin without them
For their toxic stare seems to be draining themselves as they no longer drain me.
As I stare back and smile, I appreciate the lessons they taught me

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