Wealth Club delivers 100 pizzas to Capital district area

It was a peaceful and quiet day on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020. The clouds were active and lively, preparing for a water rush as a rainy day was predicted in the forecast. Sitting at his desk is William Rivas, answering emails and phone calls while writing down names and addresses for patrons to be given pizza to. On a quiet day, in the midst of the madness that is quarantine and Covid-19, Wealth Club was loud and in full affect, just like the weather. William Rivas, the wholesome man with ambitions of helping his community in every way possible orchestrates the pizza send offs with his proclaimed #518pizzagate. His goal, to send 100 pizzas to the residents of the 518 that need food.

” Pizza gate is helping kids at home who dont have food for themselves and families who are struggling.” Jj

A community in a drought has found a group with an oasis of resources prepared to deliver in the Wealth club. Reaching not only the place beyond the pines (Schenectady) where it is based, but also the city where the two rivers meet (Albany) and Troy in the capital district’s upper north. for so many this is a godsend as these communities are suffering hardships many would fathom in nightmares during the Covid-19 quarantine. 518 pizza gate becomes a beacon for people looking for solace in their community. The best part about it, is it comes from it’s community.

The impact of pizza gate is it gives us the opportunity to be in the community and engage and interact with people during the crisis. I think it’s most important because our communities in poverty a lot of time when situations like this occur there’s the least authentic engagement. ” -William Rivas

Rivas is a man of many hats, meticulously crafting of initiatives to create interpersonal engagement. Through this action he is revealing how pivotal it is to provide aid within your community, thus creative a collective community. The best part about him, is that he doesn’t make these actions alone. Assisting him in his efforts on Wednesday are two more community leaders in Kareem True and his prodigious Fiancee Starkeya King. Witnessing the coalition of these three make calls, write down names and carry out pizzas shows the meticulous nature of this movement. Each of them takes pride in the role they are engaged in.

The impact of pizza gate for the community is getting folks food, lighting up their day, and just spreading good will, because these are tough times, it might get better it might get worse, and so building good will, for now, for the future to let folks know we’re here to help in any way we can.”Professor Wistoe

Starkeya stands on a high perch, engaging everyone in the room of C.O.C.O.A. house, announcing new people calling in as well as managing paper work for other events. Kareem jots down locations for each pizza and delivers them a home to go to be for carrying them out. Will continues engagement from his desk on the phone, and via social media to get the information out to the community. All the while they make sure they take the time to parley and decompress during the stressful situation. Even though these vanguards are fearlessly assisting their community in need, they are fully aware of the dangers amidst the history they are making. Nevertheless, they are never shaken by the overbearing presence of corona virus.

These brave souls are conscious of the fact that they may contract the virus with this aid. however their desire to help people in need supersedes their fears. it doesn’t mean they aren’t taking the necessary precautions to stay safe. But their bravery is something to behold while they take on this challenge.

Pizza gate has a significant impact, because it allows other people in the community to kick-start helping others. Will started this at the very beginning of covid 19 before it was even as serious as it is now and you can see a lot of people following suit and jumping on board delivering meals giving out free food and now its expanding from Schenectady to Albany and Troy.” -Starkeya King

Pizza gate or #518pizzagate is active every Wednesday and Friday from 12-2 pm. On Wednesdays, wealth club seeks to deliver 100 pizzas, (as they did on Wednesday) to the entire capital district. On Fridays, pizza gate focuses on the Schenectady community where it is based. However it is not limited to Schenectady if needed. William Orchestrated having other community leaders in Albany and Troy in delivering pizzas to their communities in an all out effort to show the constituents of said communities that there are people that are from where they’re from, seeking to help them during this crisis.

The impact of pizza gate for our community is significant especially during this time of crisis because it lets our community know that in this time of need there are resources to their avail. And we’re very glad to provide those resources be it, food, toiletries, clothing and it satisfies them to know that these resources are available to them.” Kareem True

Whatever the need may be, wealth club is on the scene providing help. Being for the community, by the community members brings together the entire community in ways that help uplift the spirits of those drowning in confusion, anxiety, fear, and sickness. Even though Covid-19 has staggered our daily routines, the world hasn’t stopped. there are countless people who need aid during this crisis and wealth club has taken the initiative not only to provide that aid, but also interact with the people they’re assisting with a feeling of hope and security.

the impact of pizza is immense because there are families here that are struggling daily and many of them don’t have the luxury of regular food much less something a little more tasteful, and the impact of the virus puts a strain on their lifestyle. It brightens their lives and warms their tummies when they get the aid from people like us” -Will Crowder

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