Where I’m from

Where I’m from

You want to know where I’m from?

I’m from a world where freedom is only granted to those who have fair skin or millions to bare thin air from winters devised by men who preferred themselves over every other human

I’m from a place where my ancestry is stripped from my psyche and love it’s torn from

My vernacular all the while the inception of hate and greed are carved into my dreams

I’m from a place where screams of the innocent are silenced of the eyes that believe them to be guilty

I’m from a place that used to determine me to be 3/5ths of a person and now they incarcerate us at higher rates than any other

I’m from a place where dark-skins and light skins battle each other for the rights to who gets to stay inside massa’s house

I’m from a place where nobody seems to understand the massive amount of trauma we’ve faced for centuries.

I’m from a place where people will ask me if I’m a slave, without taking into account the periodic and methodical enslavement of my mind body and soul through meticulous reconstruction of all the things I’m supposed to value in this world. Where I’m from?

I’m from America,

Land of the free home of the enslaved to a green piece of paper and shackled to the unjust concepts that my brown skin makes me less of a person.

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