A carnival of jesters

A carnival of jesters prance around a room

Posing as Kings

council members

And people that believe they know what’s best for you

Instead they fill their pockets with green, gold

And laugh in greed,

As they steal from the proletariat,

The working poor that keep their buildings

Lit up

Oh how many clowns does it take to run a country?

How this carnival is filled with tricks and games,

Running in circles believing we are in a jolly fantasy that gives us the freedom to be brave

Oh how they behave as if they aren’t assisting in the enslavement of the millions that wish to enjoy the good in the world

Oh how fragile these jesters are, filling this carnival with nonsense only to get more and more money for their odd sense of human

A carnival of jesters prance around a room, stealing from those that have nothing to begin with

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