Distant star

Taking the moments to appreciate how far I came, understanding I’m nowhere where I want to be,

Everyday I wake up and appreciate another moment to get up and get it done

But I am,

Right where I need to be. Breathing steadily as I meditate and prepare for another day

to make my name ring in the ears of all those that don’t pay


I love the journey I’m taking on this long road to my dreams

Understanding hat I am not the amalgamation of what others think of me and taking every experience as a blessing

as I unlearn toxic behaviors and build upon the healthy ones I’ve adopted,

Relinquishing the deception my mind has presented and implementing the inception

deep within my psyche that I deserve everything I’m working for, and everything I have now,

One day, I’ll sit in reflection of the moments I have now reminiscing on the times I didn’t have what I was praying for.

And I’ll smile, thanking myself for believing in the the entirety of the human being I am.

And to those that didn’t envision my dream, will look at me in disbelief as I,

like a distant star glisten in the darkness while they watch from their telescopes in awe,

And when they try to reach out, like that star, I’ll already be gone



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