A Briefcase of Sedation

A briefcase of sedation

Filled with peace seducing remedies

Tools that diffuse the bomb of anxiety

Stimulating me in ways that

Allow me to breath and be at ease

A briefcase of sedation

Cooling my burning heart

Soothing my brain

Claims the pain that drains

The world in my head

That consistently goes insane

A briefcase of sedation

Locked from my because

It only subsides my anxiety

Not destroys it

This briefcase

Is an escape

With tools that

Force me to runaway

From the pain

It doesn’t help,

It only keeps the swelling down

So I keep it locked away

Forcing myself to deal with

The harm rather than fleeing from it

This briefcase of sedation

Allows me to live in

A world of blissful dreams

But I don’t want to be sedated to be happy

No I want to be awake

So I lock away this briefcase of sedation

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