Resident Evil 3 Remake review

Warning, spoilers

For years we speculated what it would be like to walk the cold, devastated halls, corridors, and streets of a ravaged Raccoon City. For so long we fantasize about seeing realistic looking zombies in environments like outside Alleyways or indoor museums. We Salivated at the idea,  and we got it in last year’s critically-acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake.

Immediately amazed, terrified, and curious because of the dazzling display of this wondrous remake.The claustrophobic and realistic environment terrified us all over again. 20 years of nostalgia was brilliantly captured for old and modern audiences. 

And it was because of this mastery that we were able to be curious to see what it would look like if RE3 were remade. Imagine  all the game mechanics of a Resident Evil 2 Remake  in its beautiful RE engine through the lens of one Jill Valentine as she attempted to escape a city falling apart in a RE3 Remake. 

 We saw the corridors of Raccoon City Police Department, and saw the game that exploded survival horror genre, come back to life 20 years later. Now it’s sequel (originally a raccoon city spin-off) came to life a year later on April 3rd, 2020. And I must say, it was everything I wished for. 

Despite all the disappointment that so many people felt in the game that was quite satisfying to me, I was able to experience Raccoon City once again. In the desperate Escape of Jill Valentine, retold to fit not only the Resident Evil narrative, but explore the lore, and create a cohesive story that makes much more sense in the grand scheme of things. Because to be honest Resident Evil 3’s story from the 1999 game, it’s kind of played out, aged, and deserves the remix. 

Resident Evil 2 needed that as well, and the directors and actors retold that story with brilliance. So I only expected even better for Resident Evil 3. And that’s what I got. I got a quick story that ran through  Raccoon City just as fast as I believed it to be.

 In reviewing the game, it was a fast pace experience with so many thrills and new outlooks. Just as fast as one Resident Evil 2 scenario, which is roughly two to three hours in length. Many people felt like this was a disappointment, and not worth a $60 game. I understand these sentiments, however I want to remind people, Resident Evil 3 in 1999 was a fast-paced game. It was an action shooter with horror elements, more horror than action. However it was a quick game because there was only one scenario. The only difference is that the game created a replay value with multiple endings and story pathways. RE3 remake has one story with only one definitive ending, and one definitive Choice. There’s no branching paths with the “live selection”, which in my opinion doesn’t really work in this game. 

The linearity of the game reveals to you the desperate need to escape. There isn’t any exploring Raccoon City to find new ways to get out of certain sections, no you have to escape while the city’s on fire and the longer you linger inside of it, the more susceptible you are to infection. 

This element reveals the need for a desperate escape. There’s this need to get in, get what you need, and get out as fast as possible. And it’s important to take a step back and realize this feature in the game. I wasn’t in one section for too long, even though everything was so vivid and beautiful. Because of the pacing I only had about a snapshot to take in the scenery and then I had to get the hell up out of there.

 The idea was you move from place to place, and I need to ramp up the speed, while also intensifying the horror. And reminding you that Jill is not some rookie cop or young college student with novice level defense techniques. She’s a trained and elite officer, who’s experienced this type of horror before. Therefore she knows what she has to do, and she will do what it takes to get out, Survive by any means necessary. This is why the game is so fast. However, with all of the speed of the game, there’s still time to experience Jill’s escape and how she interacts with her crumbling world.

Even though Jill is attempting to flee, she is also attempting to save the city and it’s people.This is evident in her interaction with Dario Russell.While trying to get into a helicopter to safety, she tried to convince the terrified man to escape with her to no avail. Her desire to help civilians was revealed again when she told  Mikhail and Carlos she’s only here to save the people. Or when  she had a dispute with Nikolai in the beginning. This is all adding to the peace that is the puzzle of Jill Valentine’s character in this New story. We also saw her bravado with her multiple interactions with Carlos as well as she shrugged off his advances and attempts at comradery with her.

This game fleshed-out dynamic between Jill and Carlos, something the original desperately needed. Speaking of which, Carlos is much a deeper and more fleshed-out character with more play time and scenes. It shows you what Carlos would actually look like in a survival horror incident like this, he’s not just some dumb jock trying to please ladies. He shows actual interest in saving the city, and doesn’t have over the top cheesy lines when interacting with Jill. Even though Jill pushes away from him initially, his Charisma and his desire to do the right thing warms him up to her. And in the end they survive together, it shows you a complete character. 

 As you play through the game you will see the meaning behind this, learning how Carlos’ character adapts to the situation he’s in. Most of the characters are fleshed out this way, which is the brilliant part of this entire story. 

Is it short yet deep with an involving narrative, that reveals everyone’s feelings in experiences in a situation where life or death are your only two choices. And that’s what I loved about this game, I didn’t mind the pace, I loved the scenes and its scenery, and the fact that one of the games that I fell in love with as a child was brought to me in a world where I can think of it as a realistic concept. There’s no over-the-top lines or unexplained lore. It’s a true desperate Escape and a story that allows everything inthe Resident Evil continuity to be connected.

Now onto one of the biggest gripes that people have. The nemesis. Too many people the Nemesis is underwhelming, this is because they experienced the T-103 AKA mr. X last year in Resident Evil 2.. And I have a few things to say about that. I believe people’s expectancy was way too high for this type of tyrant. A lot of people used the anxiety the Fear Factor they had in the original Nemesis when attempting to see what this one would look like. And I’m here to say you have to take a lot into context when you’re thinking about this game.

 I just said before Jill is not some rookie cop, or some young with novice level experience. So the fear factor when it comes to Nemesis is diminished significantly in comparison to mr. X. Last year Mr X was a Hawking 8 ft tall Behemoth that stalked you in the Halls Raccoon City for roughly 15 minutes if you know what you’re doing. His presence was looming, and has you looking over your shoulder every second. The sheer fear that this man can walk into any room at any time, because you can hear his footsteps, but you cannot see him, created such a dynamic in that game that altered the entire perspective of what the game was. In this game, Mr.X worked for the dynamic that was created in this game and it makes sense. 

But people don’t realize that that was just a short segment in the game, mr. X wasn’t necessarily there for the entire game, he did appear in short scenes especially in the Leon scenario. But that one segment where Mr. X stalks you is just as long, probably a little longer than when Nemesis stalked you in the streets of raccoon city as Jill. And on top of that Nemesis was more relentless, and they were such a wide space for Nemesis 2 to stalk you in. So the element of fear, transforms into distraction and annoyance.

 This is because there isn’t someone who is a towering threat that you’ve never dealt with before, but more so a hindrance to your attempt to get out of there. Jill is not afraid of the Nemesis because she’s experienced this type of fear before. She knows what to expect, so she knows how to combat it. That’s why Nemesis has more scripted set pieces than actually stalking you through the streets. 

It reveals to you the type of action oriented character this person is now, and the fact that she has the experience as I said of fighting tyrants and other biological weapons. This is what the chain between the Nemesis now and what Nemesis before was. Before it was designed to be what mr. X wasn’t from the original Resident Evil 2. So there was a Fear Factor, now it’s showing you what he would look like if you were actually trained to deal with this situation, and attempting to just get out. 

Think of it like this, Mr. X worked because he was something the characters never experienced before.He terrified you because he was virtually indestructible and stalking novices in this game. Nemesis worked because he was designed to combat and kill Stars, who have fought bio-weapons before. Therefore he isn’t scary, he’s an obstacle you can defeat.

So in that respect I wasn’t afraid. there wasn’t an element of surprise, or  some type of anxiety-inducing fear rising inside of me everytime I walked through the door. However,  there was this desire to get away from something that kept harassing me. And that’s what it would feel like if I knew what I was doing in this situation. 

Aside from that the Nemesis was ever present, and the evolution and Transformations that he went through was so gratifying and real. It’s kind of like watching a human transform into a licker through the V-act my perspective. His final transformation in the end, I love that as well. I love the idea that his story was intertwined into the Resident Evil  lore and the changing of the end game level, from a dead Factory to an entire Nest created to find a vaccine.

 It puts the story into a wholesome idea and creation and not some monster that was dropped in the middle of the city. I felt like it was playing, I felt like they knew what they were doing when they programmed Nemesis to hunt down S.T.A.R.S.

 My only gripe against this game was that Brad Vickers amazing death in the original game didn’t come the same way. But the one scene he had with Marvin that tied the continuity between Resident Evil 2 and 3 was brilliant. 

Now one last thing to address, levels  that were cut out of this game. Yet again even though there was no dead Factory, and there was no expanded Uptown and downtown, or raccoon Park expanded, we have to remember this is a fast-paced game. It was no time to create these wonderful and expansive worlds, because it’s a game of  speed. You have to get out quickly as I’ve said in the post. So some segments would most likely be cut out from this game.

 The dead Factory kind of didn’t make much sense, so I love the fact that they revamped the level. The park leading into the dead factory made no sense either. Why is there a factory behind a public park that disposes of people? I get the idea that people wander into the park to become test subjects but that still doesn’t make much sense. Putting it beneath the hospital creates much more continuity. 

 This was the beautiful thing about this game, it was cohesive as I said before it made the entirety of the lore for the first three games make sense. I would have loved to see more of the PTSD that Jill suffered from in this game, hopefully in a revamp spin-off of a different game, or in the new engine they create another game that expands the lore Resident Evil and which Jill goes against the umbrella. Nevertheless, I enjoy this game, I replay it a lot because there’s a lot of replay value to it. Buying all the unlock-able weapons in the shop, these are the things that I enjoy. It’s a training ground for what probably may be coming next, the Resident Evil 4 remake. And if I hope for anything, I hope that they take the groundwork for this game and put it into resume before his remake, or even a code Veronica remake. This was a great game to me, I took the time to really enjoy what the game was and what it was worth. I fully understand people’s disappointments,but this game definitely gave us one hell of an experience. Here’s my Resident Evil 3 remake review, you should check it out yourself if you’re into action horror or survival horror. These both fall into both categories, thank you for reading.

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