Wealth Club Delivers in Clutch to hundreds of families during community Drive Thru

It was a peculiarly windy Wednesday in April that seemed to be able to blow everything away. This wind also brought a chill that was unnecessarily uncomfortable in late April. Despite the uncanny weather, there was a health crisis occurring that has left families struggling and scared, as well as in desperate need for food and other supplies. With this in mind, the wealth club stepped up again during their routine #Pizzaforpeople on Wednesday April 22nd, 2020. However, that wasn’t the only work they did on that day.

As per usual, Wealth club delivered 100 pizzas for the capital district earlier that same day during #Pizzaforthepeople. Then, later that day Wealth Club added an additional 60 pizzas for the Schenectady County COVID-19 emergency Response Coalition drive thru.

Located within the heart of Schenectady in Hamilton hill, Wealth club also provides supplies such as masks and sanitizer articles, as well as a sanctuary for people in need. This coincides with providing online learning with college students for young students in need during this crisis, along with a plethora of other projects preparing to launch in the very near future.

On Wednesday the 22nd, the Wealth club went above and beyond for their community, as they assisted in serving food and water at Schenectady Community College.

The Scene

The road way linking downtown Schenectady to Scotia was backed up for hours. Hundreds of people line up in cars, uncertain and desperate for supplies as they await their turn to get into the drive through. The longer they waited the more their patience waned and their desire to sit dwindles. As they inched closer to their destination behind Schenectady County Community College the sun continued to travel across the bright blue sky.

Time was running down and people had mouths to feed. In a time of need, they went to the lengths of waiting in an assembly line for hours just to receive supplies in order to survive.

This moment in history will forever live in infamy as we traverse through this block in time that shattered our entire routines and trajectories. On Wednesday, April 22, hundreds of families we given food, water, and other necessary supplies to supplement them during a crisis that had everyone taking extreme care of their health.

If not for themselves, than for others that cannot take care of themselves. A food pantry converted into a drive through served people necessities for survival in Schenectady County. They formed an assembly line of goods and pack cars for hundreds of families on a Wednesday plagued with a powerful gale.

As the winds travel at high speeds a few brave souls tested the trials of these times to help those that are wishing for some type of light in this darkness.

Of those souls are members of the Wealth club, who also helped the cause by delivering 60 Domino’s pizzas to families during the drive through. In the midst of the chaos, you could see people who cared deeply for their community as they helped deliver supplies.

For three and a half hours, cars lined up for what seemed to be an eternity. With assistance from the Schenectady Police department Schenectady Police, the Schenectady County COVID-19 emergency Response Coalition and the Wealth Club helped serve food and other supplies. This was a massive effort that along with Wealth Club, was able to provide meals to several hundred families in the Schenectady community.

The Wealth club’s focal point resided with helping place over 1500 cases of water within the several hundred vehicles aided on this day. in a three hour time span, this is a magnificent feat.

These are major impacts that these organizations have made during this time, however, they are not the only moves they’re making. On top of that, there’s so much more to do to help a community starving for assistance. When the waters were all given out, there was still a long line of constituents seeking food stretching out to the bridge.

This means that there were still families unfed. Add this to the number of people in the community that didn’t know about this event, or had no means to get to this event. Picture this, There are 150,000 plus civilians living in Schenectady county alone, several hundred were given supplies on this day. As there are still people in need daily, these organizations work diligently to do the ground work and help their community during this trying time in history.

Nevertheless, reveals what the possibilities are when people come together to help their neighbors. This reveals the potential we have as a community and shows just how far we’re willing to go to help each other. Stay tuned, as this crisis continues expect both coalitions to make even greater strides to assist their communities.

The Schenectady County COVID-19 emergency Response Coalition also provides Medical needs as well as treatment arrangements and mental health assistance for people in need in this crisis.

#Pizzaforthepeople happens every Wednesday and Friday from 12-2 pm, serving pizza all over the capital district.

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