The Truth

Everything we know to be true is a lie

Yet fear seems to consume us so much that

We instinctively believe the lie as if

It were the tangible reality

The duality of this false truth

Forces me to crumble and cry within my own mind

And outside

As I writhe in pain trying to define

What is real, and what is a lie

The thin line I toe

Between what’s right inside and

How to fight is thinning with every step I take

I’m losing my mind attempting to comprehend the agony inside and I can no longer survive off this pressure my mind has devised

The world feeds me alternative truths through some booth and I watch as my people eat them up as if they were the fruitful sandwiches of truth

And I sit back in their blissful ignorance

I cower at their joy wondering, if I just assimilate, will I quell the feelings that that seem to deploy

This untamed chaos that controls my voice is throttling me and I can no longer allow it to destroy me

To be conscious of the truth is to be plagued with never ending agony of what is there next to do,

As well as witnessing people blindly absorb it and die slowly from its toxins

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