Loaded bases

Loaded bases-

Loaded bases that’s my motivation
Swinging for the fences no hesitation
Tryna free my people from this desperation
And show these niggas some new imagination
So I step to the mound without resignation
And claim my place in history as the greatest playing
No room for doubt gotta get my homies to safety
Forget the clout ain’t got time for haters
First bases is too safe I gotta chase home
Because dangerous is my middle name
I’m not pursuing comfort I gotta claim the throne
So before my blood I gotta show them sum’
So when I lock eyes with the pitcher I sing this song
Give him that look like there’s no strike outs in this batter
I’m gonna win
So load them bases cus I’m goin in
I’m setting that ball free like my people in the pin
And my people desperate for a little vim
Failure is not an option,
So I find the will within
To hit that ball out the park
And show my kin
That there’s a bigger world outside these fences that lock us in
Load them
Put that pressure on my shoulders and let me make this diamond glisten

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