Wealth Club delivers its 1000th Pizza

What started off as a means to assist the Schenectady community during a pandemic and crisis, has quickly evolved into its own movement. Pizza for the people, which begin roughly 10 weeks ago in the midst of an uncertain time has recently served its 1000th  Pizza. as of Wednesday, May 13th, the Wealth Club distributed there 1000th pizza box to the Capital District area including the cities of Schenectady, Albany, and Troy. A marvelous Milestone, to say the least, pizza for the people is slowly growing into a community movement to get behind.


Youth Divison helps in delivering pizza and masks

 Even though this is a milestone to celebrate, the Wealth Club continued to conduct business as usual. On a regular Wednesday afternoon, the organization went about its regular routine, handing pizzas out to the local community as well as taking calls for people and delivering.  During these trying times celebration is the last thing on the minds of the Wealth Club. As they attempt to figure out new innovative means to help people in need in the community, The wealth Club interacts with its people through delivering food and other goods to those in need.


wealth Club’s youth reaching out to community

 In addition to delivering pizzas, the Wealth Club’s youth division also assisted in delivering masks to local community members. Health and safety are important at this moment in history, thus the delivery of masks is paramount. And the impact of having young people be at the Vanguard and take initiative in helping the community is something that the wealth Club takes precedent to. 


The significance of this is teaching the youth how to stand up when times become rough. As well as assisting them in developing their leadership skills especially in times of need. This assistance establishes the expansion of the Wealth Club, for the goal is not just to give out pizzas, it’s to help the community in any way shape or form it possibly can. It also has the mission of creating a community that works with and for each other.

Door to Door interaction and pizza delivery


With that being said, it is important to take this moment appreciation for the efforts of the wealth Club. The dedication to helping out the community especially in a time where people may not have access to food because of the pandemic. This symbol of Civic engagement delivers a message to Schenectady and the rest of the Capital District. As stated before, pizza for the people reveals how a community can come together and provide for the community and execute said tasks efficiently and sustainably. That type of effort is unheralded, especially in an urban community. 


Wealth Club’s Kareem Ture glances off

As we continue to social distance and quarantine ourselves in the time of uncertainty, it is great to know that there are people still fighting to make sure that those they live around are able to survive. The Wealth Club hosts Talk to Me Nice Tuesdays, 518 Talks, plus a plethora of other community events in the Schenectady area and the Capital District. As is pandemic continues on, expect the Wealth Club to be more and more involved in the community during an even after the COVID-19 crisis.


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