Thearse McCalmon delivers Masks to Community

For the second time in as many weeks, Current NYS Senate Candidate Thearse Mccalmon (tee-ree-sa) has been active in the Schenectady community delivering masks to people in need. This act of courtesy occurs in the midst of her campaign, as the election cycle heats up.

A Community woes

On a warm Sunday afternoon in May, a community that is usually vibrant and full of people enjoying the exploits that nature delivers is woefully silent. This is the direct result of the current pandemic we’re living in, as people are staying inside and avoiding contact with others. For many of these people, the fear of contracting this virus is real, especially because a lot of these people don’t have access to protective wear such as masks.

Enter Thearse McCalmon, who valiantly is taking a vanguard role in her community and deciding to help the people she lives within delivering masks to them. In collaboration with the Wealth Club, an economic development group, Thearse was able to deliver over 100 masks to people in the Hamilton Hill area on Thursday, May 7th, 2020. This recent Sunday She was in the field again, doing the same deeds for the Steinmetz community. Interacting with people, and giving out masks, revealing that she is here for the people like her, average everyday people living in uncertainty in her community.

Thearse’s impact

The effect this has on a small city such as Schenectady is massive, as this calamity we’re facing is having lingering effects on communities much like this one worldwide. A small act of kindness such as Thearse’s and the Wealth Club’s have done in the past two weeks reveals how a community can rally together with each other to make a difference even if small during these times.


The impact Thearse handing out masks has had on community members is definitely felt with these events, speaking to some of them who were given masks here’s what they said.

The community’s perspective

Note: they are anonymous folks who did not wish for their names to be exposed:

I thought was Teresa being out here right now is, I’m a kind of really amazed to see our community be able to come together with her just standing here and we are passing out masks in helping the individuals who can’t afford them it is really a big thing for me I’m just to see all of us come together and see her be able to bring that out “-anonymous

This shows that she actually cares for the community and she’s actually here instead of going up to the rich neighborhoods is taken care of with everybody and angles always equal rather than sticking to one area okay” -anonymous

I think it’s showing a lot of minority communities that people do actually care about their well-being because they’re honestly forgotten in situations like these are kind of just left to figure things out for themselves and they can’t really do that with especially with their finances it’s really hard for them to get what they need to get”-anonymous

I think that people are underestimating the effect because people are so used to feeling as if things can’t be free without attachment”-anonymous

A Community Together

The consensus from the people spoken to is that the urban community of Schenectady lacks these resources and that this community is forgotten in the midst of events such as a Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the work that Senate candidate Thearse McCalmon and community groups such as the Wealth club do are important signs of how a community can rise to the occasion.

The significance of community members rallying together is also felt by those being affected harshly by this pandemic.

 “it’s very important that you interact with the community cuz without interacting won’t know what’s needed and what needs to be done get to know the people you’re working for” -anonymous

Important for us to all come together in a community on regardless of what we have and what we don’t have, what we have maybe something that somebody else might not have and what they have made you something that we might not have such as coming together and pull it together as a whole is very very key to building this whole  tribe”-anonymous

Seeing members of the community help out their fellow community members creates a safety net within a said community, allowing them to build foundations that spread across lifetimes. For Thearse to be able to still give back to her community in the chaos of her campaign show that her heart is truely with the people she is seeking to represent. That is in its essence, what a leader is and should be. Thus, she and organizations such as the Wealth Club create the blueprint for action during, before, and after these types of crises.


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