The Fires of the Revolution

The fires of revolution burn bright. The flames are carried by the candle of hope as it attempts to light the path through the dark hallways of oppression. At one point the candle seemed to have dimmed its fire in consequence to all of the systemic brutality that blights the black community.  However, after 8 minutes and 46 seconds of screams for help, ” please, I can’t breathe”, That fire, began to burn the entire house down.


Screams of the unheard across the nation began to grow louder as one man’s death became the straw that broke the candle’s back for 400 years of brutality, oppression, pain, confusion. As the four walls of ” justice” in the godforsaken country of America began to spill blood that ignited the fires of change we witness the potential of a hurt people. We saw what happens when fear of tyranny turns into disgust and the sheer desire for justice.

George Floyd may have been a catalyst, but he was not the only reason.

the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of horror, pain, destruction, confusion, and a plethora of other ideas and emotions that cannot be explained. His death sparked millions across the globe to march, riot, and demand change from a country that has periodically slain black lives with no shame.


The very country that has claimed ” these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal” has systematically denied black and brown men and women that fundamental right. Why? Because we may have been created equal, but that doesn’t mean we were treated equally. And it is evident in the recent news of the slain by means of police brutality and the systematic oppression of black people.

The uprising of the pained has been felt across the country where all 50 states had protested for justice. The cries of the mistreated were heard around the world as millions marched in locations outside the US. The cries of the tired whirled around our beautiful blue planet. The simple quest for equal justice for those slain by people designed to ” protect and serve”. For two weeks straight, we have marched, across the world. We have demanded justice. We have rioted. We have burned out of pure pain and no idea how to move next.


We tried peaceful protest… They didn’t hear us.

We tried kneeling….the didn’t hear us

We tried infiltrating the system and integrating…they didn’t hear us…

So we resorted to burning it all down, or so they say we did.

Throughout these past two weeks, there have been countless recordings of violence from protestors, film of protestors acting aggressively, and looting across the country. however, no one is speaking on those planted to incite these violent acts. in every protest I have been apart of, I’ve witnessed people who purposefully attend to incite violence. they come and strategically placed bricks and other objects to throw at police officers in order to open the flood gates of violence.

And then they disappear, leaving the peaceful protestors alone to fend for themselves. And then I watched the media control the narrative as to what occurs after.

the horrendous imagery of rioting and savagery that is being displayed on my people burns a hole in my heart.

Especially after being a part of countless peaceful demonstrations just to watch people who are afraid of change try to derail a charge for freedom.


Image credit to Matt Whalen Photography

However, That hasn’t and will not stop us from matching on peacefully. that will not distort the truth. To this day, we carry the flames of revolution not to burn the country down, but to shed light on how it is destroying the very people that built it. to this day we carry the peaceful flames of life through the storms of racial injustice, systematic oppression, and police brutality revealing to people our worth, strength, fortitude, and determination. The determination to see this through, and to revolutionize the world in a way that our oppressors could not see.

They will attack us, then blame us for retaliating. However, in reality, our retaliation is in a public demonstration.

The truth of the matter is, throughout the majority of these protests across the US, violence was not incited by the protestors, it was incited by those attempting to keep the status quo of oppression. And the effect of those random acts causes a flurry of violence to spur out of control.


But it will not deter the rise of those that are tired of not being heard. As we turn the corner on the three-week mark. There are still people rising to the occasion. Planning, marching, building, preparing to vote. We are moving, creating the revolution, and not allowing our oppressors to control the narratives that mitigate the truth.

As the media begins to die down from the bright fires of change, we must remember to stay strong and vigilant. continue to protest, continue to make history. For the revolution is a marathon, and we don’t plan in stopping this grind anytime soon.

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