Leadership Spotlight: Kareem Ture

This is a segment on adonis Inquiry dedicated to highlighting individuals within the 518 community that lead, create, organize, or do anything for the betterment for their community.

today’s spotlight is on my good brother Kareem Ture.


Kareem Ture is an independent spoken word poet born in Bridgeport Connecticut and raised in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Kareem Ture’s love for poetry started off as a hobby, while an adolescent as a way of self-therapy. Since his introduction to Poetry, Kareem Ture has written a myriad of poems about several topics such as love, heartbreak, depression, suicide, Black pride, Black women, love, and social injustice. Kareem is also an author of two books “Mahogany Scriptures” & “Chocolate Clouds” and currently working on his third book “Composition” Kareem is the creator of 3193poetryave.com and Practice What You Poetry clothing apparel, Kareem Ture is periodically involved in community development, as he formerly served as a board member of the non-profit organization Miracle on Craigstreet whose chief objective is to reopen the doors of the Carver Community Center in Hamilton Hill Schenectady New York. Kareem is also an independent financial contributor to grassroots organizations striving to change the trajectory of Black people under global oppression. Kareem currently resides in Schenectady with his fiancee Starkeya King.


Kareem does a lot of work in the community, as a spoken word artist and a member of the Wealth Club, a Schenectady grassroots community organization focusing on economic development and growth.

Kareem has developed many powerful books of colorful poetry that addresses a plethora of black issues and life journeys. His most recent work, Composition is currently available on Amazon for 28$.

website link. spotlight.

Kareem runs a site titled 3193poetryave is an illustrious channel into Kareem’s life through poetry. The interface reveals a gorgeous still of city life in times square at night. The many lights illuminate your eyes as you begin your journey through his world of poetry, creativity, and life.

In the site, there are several gateways, one, is an about page that highlights what Kareem is about and who he is from, as per the description above.

His next page focuses solely on his books, all poetry.

The first book, titled Mahogany Scriptures, is Kareem’s debut collections of poems.



This focuses on love, heartbreak, suicide, depression, social issues, and just life lessons learned from personal experience, but more so from other people’s perspective, he’s met. it is a full canvas opening the reader up to the life of a man expressing himself through his art.




the second book is titled Chocolate Clouds.

credit to Kareem Ture/facebook

description: Kareem gives his audience a concoction of several topics in a poetic delivery such as self-reflection, loving a significant other, passion, sex, betrayal, vulnerability, Black depression, Black pride, and more.

This is a whirlwind of poetry blowing your mind into the winds of discovery and revolution within the soul as you dive deep into Kareem’s psyche like never before. fall into the clouds of chocolate paradise as you drift into the miracles of verse through Kareem’s poetry.

his, third and most recent collection of work is titled Composition. 




In a time when words are needed for the power of healing, join Kareem as he ventures through the healing process of a Black man finding his way in the pages on “Composition”.

This is a well-crafted love letter to himself as he opens the vast crevasses of the vacuum his life as bleed into his words in composition, with excerpts from his fiancee and many poetic vibes churning the soul with every page.

All three are available through his shop on his website.

The shop is a strategic link to all of his merchandise.

These include Practice what you poetry t-shirts and hoodies, wristbands with various scriptures on them, as well as all three of his books.

Lastly, Kareem has a link to his poetic parables titled Poetic Pastries

credit to Kareem Ture/facebook

In it, there are poetic proverbs by Kareem.

the wizardry of words through this poetic man is moving beyond comprehension at times. It is imperative to stretch your intrigue and learn more of the mastery displayed by  Kareem,

3193poetryave is the gateway to his life, see what diamonds you find when you dig in.

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