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Taking the reigns of our own destiny is a conversation that has lingered in our community for centuries. In a country that has continuously taken our opportunities and sabotaged our growth, forcing us to divide and methodically tearing us apart at every turn, A group vows to change that zeitgeist.

How is this done? Through the collection of ideas, passions, and paths, executing meticulous work to build long-lasting foundations of creation and possibilities. This is the divine path of We Impact Us.

A capital region organization dedicated to creating solid social, political, and economic pillars for generations to thrive off. how do they do this? In a plethora of ways, one is via demonstration, on July 4th, 2020.

By gathering together to establish their presence on one of the most influential days in American history, a powerful statement was made by We Impact US.

The significance of the 4th

July 4th, usually a day for cookouts and the celebration of independence. The star bangled banner plays on the radios and people show out with their best outfits to celebrate America’s bloody liberation from The British Empire. A day in remembrance, of the declaration of independence that a group of white slave owners drafted to liberate from tyranny.

Ironic isn’t, tyrants liberating themselves from Tyrants?

I say this because July 4th wasn’t a celebration of independence for all. In fact, it was a day of protest and unity for many. Specifically the black population in America. On July 4th, many across america marched in solidarity to protest the day of America’s “freedom”.

I say freedom in quotations because America is far from free for all. For many, especially African Americans and all black and or brown people, Freedom is nothing but a word. A dream designed and molded for white America. For black america, freedom is the fallacy that has been delivered to us since June 19th, 1865, almost 90 years after the declaration of Independence.

Freedom does not exist in black America.

Why is this? This is because black America still faces the tyranny of white oppression. This includes segregation, mass incarceration, police brutality, the list goes on. In 2020, there is still a significant racial divide that plagues this country splitting it into several pieces. therefore Independence day is a lie. That is why on July 4th, many came out to march, and chant, and strive for a collective impact for change.

The goal is to highlight social media use and everything else to get everybody together to collectivize over these issues because there’s so much energy in the country right now bottle and directed in meaningful ways before it dissipates” Ramon Mile

We Impact US, an organization in the capital region of New York, seeking to create a collective of prosperity in their community.

On July 4th, We Impact US organized a march and flash mob in Colonie, NY, showing their collective union. a meeting point between Albany and Schenectady on Wolf road.

Imagine the scene, on a day we all wish to live in peace, we are reminded that peace cannot be achieved unless all life in this country is free.

All lives don’t matter until Black lives matter” – DJ Ketchup

As people rallied in, most wearing all black in solidarity, you began to see rumblings of a powerful movement through the streets of Colonie.

I got the opportunity to speak to some of the organizers

They discussed their desire to put this event together and what We Impact US stands for:

Asia Priest, Kaheem Preist, Coach Karmen and Ramon Mile were the organization party for this monumental event.

” We can’t look for outside forces to help us to heal and fix things within us you know some of our points would be you want to talk about economics and Cooperative economics other up together you know Together commercial real estate accountability for us our business is each other holding each other up to a certain standard a certain kind of etiquette you know more seriously “ Asia Priest

collective responsibility and work are the main aspects of the group according to the organizers. Not waiting for handouts, taking what is owed to their people by building unification and economic pillars. these aspects are pivotal to the growth and paradigm change for our people in this country. We Impact US conducted a marvelous event that highlighted these challenges our community faces.

By bringing people from all over the 518 together to march and rally a collective mindset and goal, We Impact US becomes a vanguard in the fight for social justice and black prosperity.

The event included a powerful flash mob of young and old dancing as they marched in the street. Blocking off the intersection between Road and Central Ave, the mob danced and brought awareness to the social, political, and economic problems our people face. In a display of power, conviction, and purpose the coalition of dancers revealed what black unity looks like. And that power is like no other. It is peaceful but not innocent. Flagrant but not intimidating. It is love and all it creates. It is We Impact US. The crowd marched down Central and into the cul-de-sacs of Colonie to demonstrate, dancing and chanting, following a pick-up truck with DJ Ketchup leading the charge with music and chants.

Stopping periodically for the flash mob to perform for the residents of the neighborhoods to see their powerful movements.

 I feel like it’s been a dark time so we need a little bit of light” Kaheem Priest

In this time of pain and uncertainty, We Impact US helps take the reigns and generate a positive energy around black and brown folk fighting an exhausting war. This in combination with demonstrating on a day that so many Americans appreciate reveals not how far we came, but how far we need to go. It was a rallying cry for the nation to know that we are present, and our voices will be heard. It was a powerful expression of a community bringing light to other’s eyes and rejuvenation the warriors drained from the fight.

We Impact US seeks to create for the now, and for the future, bringing young and old together to build a new paradigm. These are the first steps to that ideal world. Through political education, political action, economic and social access.

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